As Number of Black Recruits Drops by 41%, Military Launches New PR Effort


From PR Watch: "The U.S. Army is adjusting its marketing pitch to minorities as the war in Iraq hurts recruiting efforts among Hispanics and, especially, African-Americans," reports Advertising Age. Leo Burnett is the Army’s lead marketing agency, with Cartel Creativo doing Hispanic, and Muse Cordero Chen & Partners and Vital Marketing Group doing African-American, outreach. The Army will "maintain a minority presence in general-market advertising, craft minority-specific messages," and "focus Spanish-language messages at parents and ‘influencers.’" Political science professor Peter Feaver expressed skepticism, saying, "If the problem is Iraq, there’s not much in the short run that the Army recruiters can do."

Meanwhile the military publication Stars & Stripes is reporting today, "The number of black volunteers has fallen 41 percent – from 23.5 percent of recruits in fiscal 2000 down steadily to 13.9 percent in the first four months of fiscal 2005…  Officer recruiting is hit, too. Black enrollment in the Army Reserve Officers’ Training Corps program is down 36 percent since 2001."

Rep. Charles Rangel (D-NY) told Stars & Stripes, "I have not found a black person in support of this war in my district. The fact that every member of the Congressional Black Caucus emotionally, politically and vigorously opposes this war is an indication of what black folks think throughout this country."


One Response to “As Number of Black Recruits Drops by 41%, Military Launches New PR Effort”

  1. Marc Says:

    Of course the assertion made by this post is because of rising anti-war feelings (debatable at best and dependent on which poll you care to cite) Blacks are turning away from the military as a career.

    Certainly most people, of any color, have no desire to either be shot at or kill someone themselves. But to emply that the war is the largest cause is disingenious, at best.

    It can just as easily be explained by the enormous expansion of the Black middle class that affords them more options.

    (March 15, 2005) A new study from researchers at the Boston College Center on Wealth and Philanthropy (CWP) estimates that between $1.1 trillion and $3.4 trillion of wealth will be transferred from estates to African-American households by 2055.
    “We did find, however, that the growth in wealth among younger African-Americans who grew up after civil rights legislation was in effect identical to that for Caucasians of the same age and this is a hopeful sign for African-American wealth in the future,” said CWP Associate Director John Havens, who directed the study.

    Of course none of that would fit into any of you moonbat’s non-sensical stance of anti-war, anti-Bush, anti-military.

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