New House Bill Aims To Limit Military Recruiter Access to Students


From the San Francisco Chronicle: "San Jose Democratic Rep. Mike Honda, citing privacy concerns, has
proposed a law that would make it easier for parents to block military
recruiters from gaining easy access to high school students on or off campus…

"The No Child Left Behind Act approved by Congress in 2001 requires school
districts to provide military recruiters with the same access to high schools
given to college or job recruiters.

"Under the current law, parents must tell school officials they don’t want
their child contacted by the military, at school or home. Otherwise, schools
are required to turn over students’ names, addresses and phone numbers to
Pentagon recruiters. Honda wants to turn that around, and allow the military
to talk only to those students whose parents approve such contact." [More]

In announcing the Student Privacy Protection Act, Rep. Honda (D-CA) said, "I want to ensure that students are willing recipients of the military’s recruitment efforts… Let students and their families choose who they want soliciting them in the mail and on the phone during dinner."

To date, the San Francisco Chronicle is the only national news outlet to report on the legislation.


One Response to “New House Bill Aims To Limit Military Recruiter Access to Students”

  1. Barbara Says:

    My son graduated from high school in 2004 and is still being hounded by recruiters from the Army and the Marines. I have asked them repeatedly to stop calling my home and they still call. Isn’t this illegal and condisered harrassment? What else can I do?

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