U.S. Soldier Who Reported Torture in Iraq Was Sent to Psychiatrist by Commanders


From Saturday’s Washington Post: "An Army intelligence sergeant who accused fellow soldiers in Samarra, Iraq, of abusing detainees in 2003 was in turn accused by his commander of being delusional and ordered to undergo a psychiatric evaluation in Germany, despite a military psychiatrist’s initial judgment that the man was stable, according to internal Army records released yesterday."

The soldier has been identified by the Washington Post as California National Guard Sgt. Greg Ford. In December  "Democracy Now" talked with the reporter and fellow soldier, David DeBatto, who broke the story for Salon.com.

Here is how DeBatto described what happened to Ford after he witnessd the tortue of detainees in Iraq: "After confronting the team leader several times without success, [Ford] eventually did go to his commanding officer, Captain
Artiga in an attempt to file a formal complaint for an investigation of
these incidents [of torture]. Unfortunately, according to Ford, instead of an
investigation being conducted, within about a day-and-a-half later, he
was, in fact, strapped to a gurney, put on a C-130, and flown initially
to Kuwait and eventually to Landstuhl, Germany, where he then underwent
a series of psychological evaluations in Germany and also at two bases
in the United States for approximately eight months."


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