NYC Students Charged With Felonies For Counter-Military Recruitment Protest

by has learned that the New York police have arrested three counter-military recruiters earlier today at City College. Felony charges were filed against two of the students.

Nick Bergreen, Justino Rodriguez and Hadas Thier, all undergraduate students at the City College of New York, were arrested today during a protest at the school. Bergreen and Rodriguez have been charged with felony assault; Thier was charged with obstruction of a government administrator.

According to a press release from supporters of the City College Three, “Hadas Thier, Nick Bergreen, and Justino Rodriguez, along with approximately a dozen other protesters attended a job fair organized by the college, and stood up in front of a National Guard recruitment table chanting anti-war slogans. Private security and campus peace officers immediately surrounded the protesters, pushed them into an empty hallway outside of the job fair, closed the hall door and assaulted two protesters and arrested a third who was taking pictures. The two students who were assaulted are now being charged with felony assault, and the third with obstruction of a government administrator.”

A press conference is scheduled for Thursday, March 10, at 100 Centre Street in Manhattan at 4 p.m. The three arrested students are scheduled to attend pending their release.


7 Responses to “NYC Students Charged With Felonies For Counter-Military Recruitment Protest”

  1. Collin Baber Says:

    Bring video cameras next time and record everything.

  2. kelly Says:

    Solidarity for Brendon Walsh

    After serving 5 years behind bars, Brendan Walsh of Endwell, will be supervised for 3 years. He was recently sentenced in Federal Court. Walsh had pleaded guilty to a charge of attempting to damage or destroy a building by arson.

    In April of 2003, he threw a Molotov cocktail through the window of the recruiting station on the Vestal Parkway. He was also charged with attempted destruction of communication lines utilized by the U.S. Armed Forces, which carried a maximum sentence of 10 years. Detectives
    say Broome Security’s work with surveillance video was crucial in their investigation.

    Walsh is also responsible for smashing the window of the recruitment center in June of last year.

    From his friend:
    I know this kid, in fact, I was best friends with him. He was arrested at my house and I talk to him via telephone on a regular basis. He is currently in syracuse in a holding facility where he is teaching GED classes, and he is working on attending Ohio State University via correspondance courses.

    If you feel the need to contact him in support please mail all correspondance to:
    Brendon Walsh
    Jeremy Shirvan
    2714 wIlliam St
    Endwell, NY 13760-5822

    to discuss on AIm : psychologic03
    or e-mail: jashirvan (at)

  3. kelly Says:

  4. The Tattered Coat Says:

    Uncle Sam Wants Needs Will Call You, and You, and You

    A friend of mine, who teaches at one of the CUNY (City University of New York) colleges, reports that strange things are afoot at the Circle K. It seems that unbeknownst to most of the 400,000 students in the system’s nineteen colleges, the University…

  5. IRR Soldier... Says:

    I have a lot of mixed feelings concerning the recent events at CCNY. While I fully support the efforts to provide alternate information about recruiting to H.S. students, I believe that barring/protesting officer recruiters at places like CCNY, Hunter and NYU will have a detrimental effect on diversity within the military officer Corps.

    Like it or not, we are in Iraq, an invasion I vehemently opposed. The majority of this nation is either rapidly pro-war or ambivalent about what is going on. While this is going on, we continue to send young people into harms way through economic conscription (aka. the poverty draft).

    By removing CCNY graduates from pursuing OCS and officer opportunities, we are further ceding the military officer corps to the right-wing crowd. Instead of providing a stream of young, urban officers from diverse backgrounds, we are removing their presence at a time when they are most desperately needed.

    I will make one thing clear, the Army and USMC WILL find people to be Lieutenants but to do so, they will either lower standards or increase the “good ol’ boy” output from places like VMI, the Citadel and West Point.

    The military is overrepresented by urban minorities in its enlisted ranks and underrepresented among officers. Unless you’ve served on active duty as I have, you have no idea how important it is that CCNY grads have the opportunity to lead, teach, coach and mentor others. Having an LT w/ a CCNY degree in command of soldiers from every background imaginable is a good thing. It expands dialogue and opens minds.

    The influence a charismatic young officer has over their charges is unbelievable. I stand firm in my belief that my 4 years as an Army officer was more of a “counslor” or “teach for America” experience than a purely military one. The opportuities to influence and make a difference in a young person’s life are almost limitless. I opened many minds to the idea of pursuing higher education, that all people from Manhattan (like myself) weren’t “commie traitors” and that it is important to view an issue from both sides.

    I am proud of what I did and sent soldiers who never thought they were “college material” to get out of the Army and earn degrees from Syracuse, Rutgers, Wisconsin, UTEP and Columbia. I even tutored some for the SATs.

    In these trying times, we need educated, principled urban junior officers like never before. Ceding the province of national defense to the right-wing “red staters” is NOT the answer. It further alienates those urban enlstees from a feeling that anyone that controls their fate “understands where they come from.” It is very counterproductive to have NYC only represented in the “worker bee ranks”. FYI, about 20% of the Army is officers yet last year, NYC provided over 4,000 enlisted soldiers and less than 50 new officers. This paradigm MUST be changed. Protesting OCS recruiters on a college campus is not the way to achieve your goals.

    My final thought: Focus your passion and energies on H.S. JROTC “trojan horse” recruiting programs and the harassing recruiting tactics used at places like JFK, Theodore Roosevelt, George Washington and DeWitt Clinton high schools. Those are the kids that need your help.

    College grads serving as officers are NOT being exploited. I fail to understand how a CCNY grad that goes to OCS and gets the same pay, responsibility and authority as a West Pointer or Princeton grad is a bad thing for the Army, nation and New York City.

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  7. Dariz Says:

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