News Briefs on Counter-Military Recruitment & War Resistance


New York: David Segal, a 19-year-old student at Manhattan University, plead not guilty in federal court on Tuesday on charges that he attempted to burn down an Army recruiting station in the Bronx. He faces 5-20 years in federal prison if convicted. The Kansas Mutual Aid Collective has issued a public statement of solidarity for Segal. [View David Segal solidarity flier]

San Francisco: Students at San Francisco State University forced military recruiters to leave a career fair Wednesday following protests by over 100 students. [Related Articles: 1||2]

Toronto: Two former U.S. soldiers who have to fled Canada spoke out Tuesday night condemning the U.S. war in Iraq. Darrell Anderson, 22, and Cliff Cornell, 24, are two of the six known U.S. war resisters living in Canada. Anderson, who won a Purple Heart after being injured by a roadside bomb in Iraq, said that he joined the forces because the army promised $50,000 for college and that he would not have to go overseas. More


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  1. kl Says:

    this is from a friend who works for a marketing agency and gets these newsletters once in a while.

    U.S. Navy Recruiting – Minorities targeted

    U.S. Navy Recruiting Headquarters continues its ongoing
    campaign in the midst of its busiest recruiting season –
    February through May – when most advertising is done. Network
    TV, national cable and network radio are used, as well as
    national magazines and Internet. The campaign maintains the
    tagline: “Navy – Accelerate your life.”

    Some of the TV spots emphasize the Navy’s use of technology,
    appealing to science-minded recruits. One ad shows how
    high-tech computers are used to guide a missile, while a
    narrator says: “If you are going to study rocket science, it is
    probably good to have some rockets.” The U.S. Navy also
    actively targets African-Americans and Hispanics on ethnic and
    Spanish-speaking television, Hispanic radio and ethnic
    magazines. “We want to improve the quality of the people we
    recruit,” says Lee Buchschacher, Deputy Director of the
    Marketing and Advertising Plans Division. “Part of that measure
    is to improve diversity,” he adds. In response to studies that
    underline a desire among minorities to become entrepreneurs,
    the Navy will also continue their “Person In Me” print
    initiative. Buchschacher says that these ads portray the Navy
    as an institution “where [recruits] can learn the discipline
    and how to be successful, to be an entrepreneur.” In 2004, 20.8
    percent of recruits were African-American, while 16.8 percent
    were Hispanic and 14.7 were of Asian, Pacific, Native American
    and other origins, according to Buchschacher. Due to high
    retention and repeatedly meeting monthly goals, the Navy’s
    current yearly goal is 38,500 recruits, the smallest goal in
    its history, according to Sgt. Bill Davis, Deputy of Public
    Affairs Officer. Target(s): Primarily: Adults 18 – 24;
    Secondarily: Prof’ls, Physicians, Nurses and Dentists. Consumer
    Profile: People who seek a successful life and those interested
    in technology, science and medicine.

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