Four NY Activists Face Six Years in Jail For Pouring Blood Inside Recruiting Station


On Friday, four pacifists calling themselves the St. Patrick’s Day Four, pleaded innocent in federal court to charges stemming from a March 17, 2003 protest at a military recruiting station in Lansing, New York outside of Ithaca. As part of the protest, the four activists entered the recruiting station, said a prayer and then poured their blood on the station’s windows, walls, the U.S. flag and on the stand-up cut-outs of smiling military recruits in order to make “visible the blood that is shed by the work of the center.”

One of the defendants Clare Grady, 46, said Friday, “What we do, I don’t consider it as protesting. I consider it as upholding the best of human law that we’ve come up with so far, and upholding God’s law.” The protest came three days before the U.S. invaded Iraq.

Grady and her co-defendants Teresa Grady, 39, Daniel Burns, 44, and Peter De Mott, 58, each face up to six years in prison and as much as $250,000 in fines. The main charge against them is conspiracy to impede an officer of the United States. They have also been charged with injury and damage to government property, entering into a military station for unlawful purposes and entering into a military station after being removed. A tentative trial date is scheduled for May 7 under Judge Thomas J. McAvoy.

The trial will mark the second trial for the St. Patrick’s Day Four. State charges were dismissed after a hung jury. Listen to a 2004 radio broadcast featuring recordings from inside the courtroom.


3 Responses to “Four NY Activists Face Six Years in Jail For Pouring Blood Inside Recruiting Station”

  1. ChrisA Says:

    I hope they enjoy their jail cells.

  2. madhatter Says:

    There will be a counter-recruitment action in Danbury, CT at Western CT State University on Wed, March 16 from 9-5pm in the Student Center. Members of the community as well as the local Veterans for Peace Chapter and Youth For Justice, a college group will take part. There is a career fair that day and the local recruiters are scheduled to have a table, yet they haven’t paid for one yet. We aim to be there 30 minutes before showtime, have lots of chants and artistic signs and guerrilla theater as well as excellent literature in spanish and english. We plan to take over their table before they get there and chase them off campus. This happened recently at Southern CT State University in New Haven a few weeks ago.

  3. Marc Says:

    “We plan to take over their table before they get there and chase them off campus.”

    Isn’t that nice, free speech for you to protest but none for military recruiters.

    And BTW if you succeeded in your goal you broke a federal law. Which I doubt you care about unless of course a recruiter that broke a law. Then you would be screaming to high heaven.

    Two faced moonbats.

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