Students Launch National Week of Campus Resistance


In the lead-up to the second anniversary of the Iraq invasion, students across the country have called for a Week of Campus Resistance.

Protests scheduled for Wednesday include:

* In New York City, the Hunter Campus Anti-war Network and other student activists are planning a counter-recruitment protest at a “career fair” featuring military recruiters. They are meeting at noon at 68th and Lexington, outside the Hunter West building. Last week four people were arrested at a similar protest at City College. Click here for more info.

* In Madison, Wisc., The University of Wisconsin-Madison Stop the War group has called for a protest against the ROTC’s presence on campus. More info

* In Berkeley, Calif., the Berkeley Stop the War Coalition will be hosting a panel discussion at 7 p.m. focusing on the group’s counter-recruitment campaign to kick military recruiters off the campus and to assist local high schools do the same.

* In Danbury, Conn., a counter-recruitment action is scheduled from 9 to 5 p.m. at a career fair at the Western Conn. State University student center.

Visit the Week of Campus Resistance website for info on events later in the week. Please email with info on what’s going on in your community or post a comment here.


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