Punk Rockers & Politicians Launch MilitaryFreeZone.org


Reps. Jim McDermott (D-Wash.), Pete Stark (D-Calif.) and Lynn Woolsey (D-Calif.) gathered with the band Anti-Flag Thursday on Capitol Hill to help launch the site MilitaryFreeZone.org and a national petition drive to restore privacy to student records in schools.

The petition aims to rewrite the provision of the No Child Left Behind Act that forces schools to hand over personal student information to military recruiters. MilitaryFreeZone.org also has published a form students can submit in order to block the military from accessing personal information about them.

“Not only has No Child Left Behind been shortchanged by the war in Iraq, now we learn the military is using it for an immoral recruitment scheme,” said Rep. Pete Stark in a statement. “No Child Left Behind is supposed to be about student achievement, not military recruiting.”


4 Responses to “Punk Rockers & Politicians Launch MilitaryFreeZone.org”

  1. Christina Seneff Says:

    We have downloaded and signed the opt-out petition. Should the signed petition be turned in to the school or where?

  2. Booker Stoner Says:

    Anti-Flag! You are awesome and keep up the fight!

  3. kristofeR! Says:

    I think Anti-Flag is doing something awesome creating this means to an end for high school students to be able to protect their information from the military industrial complex as it is a pure invasion of privacy, especially since these are minors.

    I just hope the H.S. students who are privy to this are using it and learning more about the subjects involved and spreading the information and music of Anti-Flag to their peers.

    It is the young people whom this is mostly for, the next generations of this nation.

  4. Agnes Says:

    This is a sad excuse for a website. If you don’t want to join the military then don’t, no one is making you. Brave men died so that idiots like people who are for this website can say horrible things. I’m disappointed to be growing up with people like this.

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