32 Arrested in NYC Protests At Military Recruiting Centers As Part of International Day Of Protest


In New York today — to mark the second anniversary of the Iraq invasion — simultaneous protests organized by the War Resisters League were held in Times Square, Brooklyn and the Bronx outside military recruiting stations. 24 people were arrested in Times Square after demonstrators staged a die-in. Another eight were arrested in Brooklyn outside recruiting stations on Flatbush Avenue.

“We march to military recruiting stations throughout the city today to demand an end to  the wasting of young lives in war,” said Ruth Benn, who was arrested in Brooklyn. “We counsel young people to consider alternative paths to jobs and education.”

Read NYC Indymedia report on the Brooklyn protests.

According to United For Peace and Justice, anti-war protests are taking place in 765 towns and cities this weekend — more than twice as many as on the first anniverary of the war.

Indymedia is compiling news reports from around the country on today’s protests.


4 Responses to “32 Arrested in NYC Protests At Military Recruiting Centers As Part of International Day Of Protest”

  1. IRR Soldier... Says:

    You know that the protests completely MISSED the actual Fordham Rd. Recruiting Station in the Bronx. The booth at Fordham Rd. and the Concourse is just a satellite location with 1 recruiter. The other 6-7 Army Recruiters are down the block (going east) in a second fllor office.

  2. Rick Says:

    Can Ruth offer them Job training,bonus money and money for education? I’ll bet that Ruth has a degree.

  3. Rummel Alexanda Says:

    a ha

    32 Arrested in NYC Pro…

  4. A Henderson Says:

    This is maddnes!!! If you really want to protest why don’t you go protest on the White House lawn. Protest to your city officials and House reps. Protesting at the recruiting stations is dumb and a waste of your time. The recruiters have a job to do, and one way or another its going to get down. In the military we follow orders! We answer to someone above us. You beating up the messenger and its dumb. We are in the military, we look out for the person to the left and to the right, we don’t always agree with whats going on, but we do what we have to do. So don’t fight the recruiters fight those that employ and empower the recruiters and pass down the quotas and the mission.

    Once a recruiter!!

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