Generals Suggest Draft May Be Needed


The all-volunteer Army might not last if the current conflicts continue for another two years. That’s the view of Army vice chief of staff General Richard Cody, according to an article in Stars and Stripes. Retired Maj. Gen. Edward Atkeson believes “the all-volunteer force is close to breaking right now.” [See “By the Numbers: Our Decomposing Military”]

“When it does break,” Atkeson says, “that’s when you’ll see the draft come back.”

The all-volunteer force is barely 30 years old and this is the first time it has been taken into an extended fight, the article notes. The difficulties of wartime recruiting suggest a protracted campaign simply may not be possible without a draft or some other radical shift in how bodies are supplied to the military.

Cody also admitted, “What keeps me awake at night is: What will this all-volunteer force look like in 2007?”

One interesting note is Cody’s talk about “influencers." “We’re seeing right now mothers and fathers and school teachers and other influencers that maybe are not talking about service to this nation,” Cody said. “So, when you say, ‘Army, you have a recruiting problem,’ I say, ‘America, you
have a recruiting problem.’”

This echoes the analysis put forward in a recent St. Louis Post-Dispatch article. In other words, if you can convince moms and clergy and (maybe a little tougher) coaches that joining the military is a bad option, you can keep a lot of kids out. Probably more than if you tried to convince the kids directly.


5 Responses to “Generals Suggest Draft May Be Needed”

  1. IRR Soldier... Says:

    All I can see that when the draft returns, it won’t be a moment too soon.

    The “all-volunteer” force has enabled our nation to engage in preemptive wars without the support of the American people.

    The AVF has also “radicalized” the officer corps by culling from a self-selected group of individuals. We have gone from having a drafted Army that generally reflected the ideological spectrum of American life to one where Republican-alligned officers outnumber Democrats 8 to 1.

  2. Clippings Says:

    Army vice chief of staff Cody worried about future of all-volunteer military

    Army vice chief of staff Cody worried about future of all-volunteer military (European and Pacific Stars & Stripes via CounterRecruiter)…

  3. The Black Arrow Says:

    Count on the Bush administration to run kicking and screaming from a Draft. Didn’t the Draft put an end to Vietnam fiasco faster than the futility did? I think it is naive to think that Bush is going to start listening to other voices, especially some generals he’s been ignoring all along.

    Believe me, the neocon dreams extend much further than Iraq. Look at

    The more and more people understand of our foreign policy, the less and less they will want to participate in it. Education is freedom.

    The Black Arrow

  4. robert allen Says:

    the draft will be a monumental failure, and the end of the war. Stopping voluntary recruitment is an obvious first step.

  5. Curtis Kusel Says:

    It’s a nice safe way of saying it. “non-combatent roles”. But any member of the military understands they have no rights. Like a general that needs men to run around with guns and do the fighting is going to leave draftees alone! I hope no one is actually naive enough to believe that the role of draftees will stay limited to noncombatents!

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