Facing Recruiting Shortfall, Army Raises Enlistment Age for Reservists to 39


From Reuters: The U.S. Army, stung by recruiting shortfalls caused by the Iraq war, has raised the maximum age for new recruits for the part-time Army Reserve and National Guard by five years to 39, officials said on Monday. The Army said the move, a three-year experiment, will add about 22 million people to the pool of those eligible to serve, from about 60 million now.


4 Responses to “Facing Recruiting Shortfall, Army Raises Enlistment Age for Reservists to 39”

  1. IRR Soldier... Says:

    This article absolutely reveals the level of desperation that the US Army Recruiting Command has sunk in trying to make its endstrength numbers. This can be viewed in no other light.

    If one lesson learned has come from the Iraq war, it is the inability of older reservists, who lack regular physical conditioning, to keep up with the grueling pace of expeditionary military operations.

    Now, in spite of all the empirical and anecdotal evidence arguing against this, the Army has dreamt up another “band aid” solution to personnel woes.

    39 year old Privates… can you imagine? This harkens back to the German “Volksturm” in the waning days of World War II. Unlike the Germans in ’45, we are not fighting a two-front war nor are we on the verge of military defeat. Rather, we are a coddled nation of 300 million that wants to enagage in preemptive wars on the cheap – so long as some else does the dirty work.

    You can take to the bank that recruiters will target this on low income/unemployed workers in their 30s that would see the USAR and ARNG as a “pension plan” of sorts.

    The draft cannot come soon enough for this officer!

  2. TresR Says:

    IRR Soldier, you should stay in the IRR.

    You obviously have NO experience in soldier readiness. If you did, you would realize that age has nothing to do with PERFORMANCE, and that the Army expects one to be physically fit regardless of one’s age.

    Therefore, what raising the age to 39 for reservists and national guard illustrates is the Army’s willingness to utilize PERFORMANCE criteria more than age.

    One reason the Army is afraid to raise the age to the LEGAL maximum according to U.S. Code (which is under 45) is because people like you will use it for political purposes to undermine the war effort.

    I am a Company Commander in a NG Infantry Unit. I am 41 years old and max the PT test for the hardest age category, do you?

    CPT Ted Tinney USARNG IN

  3. miguel edwin serrano cerceno Says:

    Hi i am interesting in the army reserve y dont’t have pass my test twice but i continue because i am interesting i am 39 years old 6’1″ 200 pound hispanic from Panama 3 kids i like to make exercise i am graduate from some collegeplease tell me what i have yto do

    456 ringgold rd #12
    clarksville TN 37042

    Ps:if you know somebody can help me to enjoy in the army army contact me thanks

  4. mot Says:

    Im 34year old male and interested in the army active duty.What are the requirments to inlist or join up.

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