The Indy Map: Enlisting for PeaceA Grassroots Resistance Movement Takes On the Pentagon


To mark the second anniversary of the Iraq invasion, the Indypendent newspaper has published a pull-out map in its new issue charting the growing resistance movement against the Pentagon. View a PDF of the map || Download a PDF of the entire paper.

As a fundraiser, the Indypendent is still selling full-sized posters of its acclaimed Terror Map. Whether you’re a budding weapons inspector or just a trivia buff, A Threat to Peace can give you the scoop on nuclear manufacturing facilities, chemical and biochemical weapons facilities, weapons manufacturers, nuclear testing and launch sites, and much, much more.

Please consider buying Terror Map posters or subscribing to the Indypendent. The paper is celebrating its fifth anniversary in September — but it is facing a major budget shortfall right now. Please help keep this vital Indymedia project going.


2 Responses to “The Indy Map: Enlisting for PeaceA Grassroots Resistance Movement Takes On the Pentagon”

  1. IRR Soldier... Says:

    How about a protest at the gates of Ft. Hamilton in Brooklyn when the NYC Military Entrance Processing Center conducts its monthly “Processing Saturday.”

    You could also do something against the mobile ASVAB testing sites in the Bronx, Long Island, Teaneck and West Orange NJ. A great way to make your point.

  2. Anarchogeek Says:

    Anti-Military Recruitment Poster

    The indypendent folks have put together a pretty Counter-Recruitement map of activism which folks are doing against military recruiters around the US. It’s not as good as their terror map but it’s still good. We need to be creating more…

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