3000 more recruiters on the way


In his first press conference since becoming the Army’s top civilian leader, Army Secretary Francis J. Harvey acknowledged the Army would miss its recruiting goals this month and next and promised "new ideas" to ensure the year-end goal would still be met.

On a trip to Landstuhl Medical Center in Germany earlier this week he promised to "pull all the stops out" in his battle to meet recruitment goals. “We’re going to do some out-of-the-box thinking,” Harvey told Stars and Stripes.

In addition to increasing the number of active recruiters from 9,000 to 12,000, he suggested the Army would focus a message of patriotism on the parents of potential recruits.


3 Responses to “3000 more recruiters on the way”

  1. IRR Soldier... Says:

    3,000 more recruiters is simply “robbing Peter to pay Paul.”

    Already 80% of the U.S. Army Recruiting force are “draftees” – in other words, Sergeants involuntarily selected for three years of recruiting duty. Morale is notoriously low among the detailed field recruiters. 3,000 more recruiting “draftees” will further exacerbate problems. Think about it, guys just returning from a year in iraq are then sentenced to working 3 years of 80 hour weeks as recruiters – then, they are supposed to “sell” the Army?

    The Army is burning through its rapidly depleting ranks of NCOs (Sergeants). Already Sergeant has become an automatic promotion after only 48 months time-in-service.

    The Army personnel system is imploding as we speak and this is but one more sign.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    As a staunch anti-war activist, all this movement towards an even more militaristic state gives me hope that the people will soon wake up and create a peaceful, constructive country.

  3. Detox Fast Says:

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