March 31: National Day of Action Against the Draft


On Thursday the group staged several demonstrations around the country in what it billed a National Day Of Action Against the Draft. In New York demonstrators took to the steps of city’s Board of Education. The group drafted a letter to School Chancellor Joel Klein demanding:

  • That schools educate students about the threat of the draft.
  • That military recruiters be kept out of our schools.
  • That JROTC programs be cancelled and replaced with real electives and after school programs for youth in this city.
  • That all parents be notified of their right to prohibit their child’s information from being submitted to military recruiters under the No Child Left Behind Act.

    The website chronicles other actions around the country:

    Boston: Antidraft activists, trade unionists, and youth organizers rallied in front of the military recruiting station in downtown Boston. They were joined by students who walked out of class and Carl Webb, a member of the Army National Guard who has refused to deploy to Iraq.

    Worcester, MA: 60 Methacton High School students walked out of class voicing their opposition to the war and a potential draft reinstatement.

    Bloomington, IN: More than 50 people turned for a spirited protest against the draft and military recruiting at newly-opened office of the Indiana National Guard.

    Raleigh, NC: Activists picketed in front of the Army Recruiting Station and blocked the entrance for the duration of their protest.

  • 3 Responses to “March 31: National Day of Action Against the Draft”

    1. Midge Person Says:

      This is great to see so many people coming together in their homes towns… it all counts! 100 people here, 50 or 60 there… I bet that there have been 100,000 Americans march on recruiter offices… let’s keep up the pressure.

      Good job everybody!

    2. Ricky Says:

      I think military service ought to be mandatory.

    3. Recruiter Says:

      Hmm….. they protested at RECRUITING offices against the DRAFT? Am I the only one who sees the idiocy in all of this? Recruiters have NOTHING to do with the DRAFT! What could you have POSSIBLY accomplished by this protest?! If you want to protest the draft you need to protest at your Senator or Congressman’s office because THEY’RE the ones who invoke the draft! The military tried the draft once… and it didn’t work. We know that the all volunteer military is UNSTOPABLE in combat. We will never go back to the draft again unless WW4 suddenly breaks out and we need more troops NOW. You people can be so stupid it’s not even funny. Did you even graduate high school?


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