University of California-Santa Cruz Students Kick Military Recruiters Off Campus


From Santa Cruz Indymedia: On April 5, about 300 UC Santa Cruz students led by Students Against War (SAW) kicked Army, Navy and Marine Corps recruiters out of the annual Career Center Job Fair, marking yet another success for the nation-wide counter-military recruitment campaign. (Call to Action!)… As the march began, a small group of students infiltrated the Job Fair and surrounded recruiter’s tables, chanting and linking arms. This small group was soon joined by more students from the march who pushed their way through front and side doors, chanting, “Whose Campus? Our Campus!” as Job Fair administrations attempted to literally shove them out the door. Ultimately, 100 students were able to surround recruiters’ tables while the remaining 200 marchers stayed outside the Event Center, blocking the entrances and chanting in support of those on the inside.


16 Responses to “University of California-Santa Cruz Students Kick Military Recruiters Off Campus”

  1. Midge Potts Says:

    Wow! This is yet another good story of students who stood up for themselves.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    I think military service ought to be mandatory. Especially for Communist pukes like this organization.

  3. IRR Soldier... Says:

    As I’ve said all along – BRING BACK THE DRAFT!!!!

  4. Dave Davis Says:

    What if some fringe extemist groups started an insurrection in this country, and there was nobody to stop them. What would the counter recruiters do then?

  5. Allen Sentinery Says:

    Fight a war, pay the price. Years of mental
    pain and nothing seems to work right ’cause noone wins wars! That’s life.

    If you believe you have to join a revolutionary war then it’s your choice and may I say, not a very smart one?

  6. matt Says:

    IRR Soldier,

    Do you mean the fringe extremist groups that run this government ?

    I’ll fight wars for my country (America), but not for the US government…

  7. Anonymous Says:

    IRR didn’t write fringe extremist, I did. By fringe extremist I am talking about groups like the KKK, the Nazi Party, the Communist Party, etc. The groups that would actually do YOU harm. Question: Have you ever seen the movie Doctor Zhivago? It is about this Doctor/Poet during the Communist Revolution in Russia. In one seen he is seized/drafted into the Red Army (as a medical doctor). The told him that “We (meaning the Red Army) shoot deserters.” If you don’t want to serve in the U.S. military, fine. No one put a gun to your head and made you sign those papers to join. This isn’t the Godfather, and I am not Luca Brasi; and this isn’t the Soviet Union. You would think people would NOT want to be forced into the military, like in other wars.


  8. Noah Baron Says:

    These people rock my socks.

  9. Air Force Recruiter Says:

    I have 22 years of service and it makes my blood boil to hear so many misinformed and inexperienced freeloaders complain about our government and military. Many other countries have plenty of room for you to live in their vacant caves. Stick up for what you believe in; just make sure you know what you are talking about before you open your mouth. Give thanks to your daily lifestyles and freedoms to my brothers and sisters in uniform. Do you honestly believe for one second you would even be reading this on your fancy lap top at Star Bucks if we the Armed Forces did not exist? Get a clue!

  10. Sgt L Says:

    Your welcome thats the only thing i know to say to non-sense like this. See by choice i wake up knowing that your freedom and rights depend on me doing my job. You see there is no greater reward then for you to show your appreciation by shouting degrading coments and telling me how much you despise me. This can only lead me to believe one thing and that is you are so greatful for the rights i protect you feel the need to demonstrate them in my presence
    So once again i thank you for your apprecation

  11. USMC2651 Says:

    The draft just needs to come back, period, people wanna gripe and complain about the war in Iraq, well thats fine, when the US pulls all of us out to come home and do nothing, the terrorist attacks agains US TARGETS will begin again, the war won’t stay in Iraq unless we keep it there. If we quit due to lack of troops, the war will come to us, and if it makes it to us, there will be no stopping it…

  12. Recruiter Says:

    That’s just GREAT! A couple of students who don’t like the military distrupt THE WHOLE COLLEGE FAIR to kick the recruiters out? Now they may claim it’s their “right” to protest in this manner. But what about the RIGHT of the people who WANTED information on the military? What about the people who WANTED INFO ON THE DIFFERENT JOBS THAT WERE THERE? Do they suddenly not matter? You people have NO RESPECT for the RIGHTS of other people! You sit there on your high horse and think you are so rightious. Well you are all just sadly misinformed and consumed by your hatred to even consider the possibility that you may be wrong. THANK YOU FOR RUINING THE JOB FAIR FOR THE REST OF THE STUDENTS!


  13. Allen Sentinery Says:

    I seriously believe that the only way to protect America is to work for peace in the world. Just acting macho and saying that fighting a war and killing people to defend the country is great is not what is going to save this country. Wars don’t have to be necessary, and wars dont save countries, peace and the end of wars is what saves countries. Think aboout that. If American soldiers are fighting for peace, then we dont need insensitive people stating that it is for any other reason are spreading more racism and hate by labeling people commies, capitalists, and socialists or any other label to spread hate and racism.
    If we really want to protect America we need to start accepting the fact that people have different beliefs. Not everyone thinks the same or has the same political ideology. Noone ever said that being a capitalist is what makes you American. America is about diversity. And really we should get beyond those stupid political labels that spread racism and hate. Everyone
    wants to just survive. Life isn’t really about anything else.

  14. Dave Shockey Says:

    You have to remember those military recruiters have just as much right to be there as the students do. The students involved should grow up, or lose the grants. They forgot about the freedom of speech,it does go both ways.

  15. john3sobieski Says:

    The United States military is proud to preserve your freedom of speech.

  16. william Richard director RBC Says:

    I know its been years since the main post but I just have to say something. No I do not like war, even soldiers do not like waar and killing the enemy and yes there are enemies of the USA. No matter how much the free loading sweet peace dreamer flower children want everyone to sing peace songs with terrorist around the world they want to kill you. Even as you protest they want to kill you, even as you sing chant NO WAR, they still want to kill you, and the only thing that keeps the bad guys away is our great military overseas killing the bastards in their own homes before they can get to mine and yours. Its sad and disgusting to hear about war, but its reality, and we all know that these university over educated, underbrained so called students are just a few years away from being in the real world and they will hopefully as their parents did will know that life is not a dream land but is infact hard and the freedoms here are due only because of our military, we should honor them, respect them, shake their hands everytime we see one and as I do, thank them for their service. thank you

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