Seattle High School Parent-Teacher Group Tries To Bar Recruiters From Campus


The Garfield High School Parent-Teacher-Student Association (PTSA) has voted to pass a resolution calling for military recruiters to be barred from the Seattle school.
Last week the group passed a resolution stating:
“Whether it is because of a desire to protect young students from the life-and-death decision that military service presents, objection to the current war in Iraq, fear that recruiters may not present a realistic picture of military life or disagreement with policies that discriminate on the basis of sexual orientation, we do agree that public schools are not a place for military recruiters.”
However the Seattle School District is rejecting the ban.
“This is a very challenging and sensitive topic,” said school district spokesperson Patti Spencer. “At the same time, we are required by federal law to provide equal access.”
PTSA co-chairwoman Amy Hagopian defended the resolution.
“Somebody has to stand up and be the first to launch this public-policy debate,” Hagopian said. “If not us, then who?”


8 Responses to “Seattle High School Parent-Teacher Group Tries To Bar Recruiters From Campus”

  1. Dave Says:

    If no one serves in the military, then who? Who will protect this country from the Timothy McVeighs and Eric Rudolphs of the world?

  2. matt Says:


    The military isn’t supposed to “protect” us from Eric Rudolph or Timothy McVeigh. That’s the citizen’s and the police’s job (local cops, FBI, and _shudder_-the dept. of bonehead security, etc.).

    I personally do not want to see US soldiers on our streets enforcing laws, besides being unconstitutional, it would be strangely reminiscent of communist Russia and worse, fascist dictatorships (which is what this country is turning into–but that’s another subject).

    Your problem is that you trust this government’s ability to protect you too much. They then use your gullibility to do what they’ve always wanted to do anyway, such as invade Iraq, a country that had nothing to do with Al Qaeda or Sept. 11th.

    This government’s actions in Iraq are actually fomenting more hatred against us, which is exactly the opposite of the “protection” you want. Isn’t that ironic?

    A draft is simply a form of unconstitutional slavery. Even the volunteer military is a form of slavery, it’s like the roach motel, you can join but you just can’t seem to leave (like the national guard in Iraq). Once in, if you flat out refuse to fight, then they send you to jail. And worse, your colleagues accuse you of cowardice. I think it is brave to stand up to your government and fight for what you believe in, isn’t that what started this country?

    I would fight in a just war for the country I live in, which I define as the land I live on, just like the colonists that fought against King George did. But I’m not going to fight in stupid wars like Vietnam or Iraq. I want to have a choice in what I fight for and the military gives me ZIP.

    It is immoral to indoctrinate young children into a system of slavery before they have a chance to gain the maturity to understand the choice they are about to make.


  3. Chief Petty Officer Horton Says:

    So I am enslaved? Brainwashed? I am a functioning member of society, paying taxes and raising my children. I do not feel as though I am a slave. I certainly have not lived as a slave, how then can you explain this?

    The anti-military sentiment is appreciated.

    Active Duty Chief Petty Officer sends.

  4. matt Says:

    Chief Petty Officer Horton-

    Thanks for your reply! I appreciate your point.

    No one feels like a slave if they are happy to do what they are told. Like paying taxes, shooting up Fallujah or whatever.

    Does the military pay you a sufficient amount for the services rendered? And if you don’t like it can you leave it like a normal job? A job that the government has been lying to people about, here’s an illustration:

    Let’s say I join up with the military because they tell me I’m going to free the Iraqis and Afghanis from oppression, find weapons of mass destruction, get a free education, get all the physical and mental healthcare I need, etc. etc… I’m going to save the world!

    Then I find out that the Iraqis and Afghanis are still just as badly oppressed–either directly by us or because of our lack of planning, then find out that there are no weapons of mass destruction, then watch people get raped in jail, and maybe get a little shell-shocked. All is not great in Afghanistan either, the Afghani women still wear burkhas throughout most of the country, warlords still support the Taliban–heroin production is still at an all-time high in Afghanistan because that’s the only way to make a living, etc.

    And I just found out that the depleted uranium munitions we just used cause birth defects in Iraqis and Gulf War syndrome etc. etc.

    Then you start thinking…well it must not about all this rhetoric I’ve been hearing from the Bush administration about Freedom and Democracy and WMD, it must be something else. Who’s benefitting? Big business like Haliburton? Could that be the reason? Israel *thinks* it benefits from such instability in the middle east. Could it be for Israel? How about oil? There’s a lot of paranoia about the oil supply.

    Then, lets say, I decide I want out because this is no longer my cup of tea.

    Freedom is the ability to walk away from a conversation. Can you walk away from one in our military without going to jail? The National Guard keeps getting recalled again and again.

    Try not paying taxes, they’ll put you in jail too!

    That’s what I mean by slavery!

    You may feel like a good citizen, fighting in the military, raising kids, paying taxes etc. I personally prefer to challenge the assumptions and make this a better country–one our founders would be proud of.

    I believe that everyone who fought in the American Revolution had an informed choice of whether they wanted to fight.

    Informed=Not getting lied to
    Choice=I can join when I want to and I get out when I want


  5. Anonymous Says:

    I think you missed my point entirely. If you are against the war, fine. But, what if this were to happen. Let’s say there is no military at all. This organization “” is a part of the “Indypendent” Newspaper. They did an interview with a member of Hezbollah, a “private” militia. Sometimes viewed by many, including me as a terrorist organization.
    Question: Do we have an all volunteer military, a military of conscripts (draftees), or do we have “private militias” (like in Lebanon in the late 1970’s and 1980’s) made up of every political and religious ideology with an axe to grind?
    Without a military, do you think we will have peace, or will it just be easier to start an insurection?
    Just something to think about.


  6. Anonymous Says:

    I work in a high school and want to start the process of banning military recruiters on the campus. Anyone who has advise, suggests, experience?

  7. Tash Says:

    You guys brought up really good points- I am against the war and war in general, but I want to look at it from both (all) sides. I don’t know everything about this, so bear with me. I think it’s a really good point that if we have private armies then they could easily be considered terrorist groups and could easily be persuaded by corporations, etc. Bad idea. Can we then not have an army at all? It would be nice, but I doubt it. So national army it is. But is the army we have now acutally national- do the people decide or is it the government’s and the corporations that the government helps out? True, we have a democracy and so we elect some of the people who control the army- but how are normal people supposed to judge a situation in which they are wrongly and insufficiently informed, how are we supposed to understand another countries lifestyle and where do people who work and study and support children find time to research all of this? Can we limit our military- isn’t ours far advanced than many countries’ as it is? Can we limit research and development of destrictive weapons? Will other countries and/or terrorist groups that oppose us then keep building and be able to wipe us out one day- can we stop this battle of having the most powerful weapons now that it has started? Or will they take that into consideration and limit their weapons as well?

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