Army Flies Blackhawk Helicopter to High Schools In Recruiting Ploy


Can this really be the best use of taxpayer money? The Peninsula Daily News ran an article Thursday titled “Army Helicopter Lands at Port Angeles, Sequim High Schools in Bid to Interest Recruits.” It begins:

“We need people.” That’s how 2nd Lt. Ray Leonard, pilot of an Army National Guard UH-60 Black Hawk helicopter, summed up the state of his Fort Lewis-based unit as he landed the copter on two North Olympic Peninsula high school campuses. Leonard and several other soldiers and recruiters touched down at Sequim and Port Angeles high schools, showing off the Black Hawk helicopter to students and staff… The pilot for this special mission was Leonard, who explained how his 66th Aviation Brigade at Fort Lewis is in dire need of more personnel. “We were asked by Army recruiters to come out and show them [the helicopter],” Leonard said.


5 Responses to “Army Flies Blackhawk Helicopter to High Schools In Recruiting Ploy”

  1. johnx Says:

    Wow. Had they actually used some of the weapons on that helicopter, it would have given a new meaning to “school shooting”.

  2. Kevin Says:

    Now that is show and tell!!! My toys are far bigger and more costly than your toys.

  3. Mark Fornaro Says:

    I think its really cool that the Army brought their Black Hawk to the Recruiting program. The Army has a great enlisted flight program. It makes it possible for enlisted personal to fly.

  4. ANARCHIST Says:

    I think it was pretty stupid that the army brought a Black Hawk helicopter to a Sucker program. Well at least for a person like me that sees through all of their lies. Because all their doing is trying to capture the mind of a volnurable kid. They were trying to get someone to think, ohh my god i could be flying that thing i am going to go sign up. LYING BASTARDS!!!!!!LIVE ANARCHY!!!!!!!!

  5. jim Says:

    Its not really a waste of taxpayer dollars. Pilots are required to perform a specific number a flight hours per month. So if those hours are utilized to support the recruiting mission, one could argue that its a more efficient use of taxpayer money than merely flying around for no reason.

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