Army Misses Recruiting Goals For Third Month In A Row


Reuters: “With the Iraq war straining the all-volunteer U.S. military, the Army has missed its recruiting goals in April and expects to do so again in May, while the Marines also fell short, officials said on Monday… The active-duty Army missed its April recruiting goal and was 10 percent behind its year-to-date target, officials said. An internal forecast indicated the active-duty Army and part-time Army Reserve and Army National Guard also will miss their May goals.”


3 Responses to “Army Misses Recruiting Goals For Third Month In A Row”

  1. Joshua Says:

    The linked article tells you by exactly how much they missed their goals.

  2. Rick Says:

    Maybe it’s time for the draft.

  3. Thomas Black Says:

    The U.S military are obviously having a great struggle with trying to find cannon fodder for a senseless invasion. No one in their right mind want to go away to Iraq,or,send their children off to a war that has been based upon lies and deceits by their nations leaders.Most U.S citizens are aware that this bloodshed is pointless and has nothing at all to do with what everyone is being told. Admin. officials as well as Pentagon bosses will NEVER change their mindset to think that attacking Iraq is a no-brainer.Instead they will try cosmetic changes to try to convince the naieve that its patriotic to believe their lies. T.Black -Former Special Forces

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