Sister, Uncle Sam Wants You Too


In an article for WireTap, Vanessa Huang writes that the
Pentagon will increasingly
target young women, especially young women of color, as it strives to make up for its recruiting shortfalls and that the counter-recruitment movement needs to respond to that tactic.

Walidah Imarisha, the editor of AWOL
and a board member of the Central Committee on Conscientious Objectors,
says she joined the counter-recruitment movement because of her
experiences growing up on military bases. She says that women are
rarely the focus of counter-recruitment activism but wants to change

"The intersection of race and gender is so important,"
says Imarisha. Usually we talk about race or gender, but not about
both.” The issues that young women of color face, she says, are
"something we don’t even talk about — and a challenge for the
counter-recruitment and anti-militarism movements."

Read the entire article.


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