Next week is leafletting week in Mentor, Ohio


From Infoshop News: Yesterday, a self-proclaimed anarchist student at Mentor High School posted leaflets and papers with quotes from AWOL Marines and Army soldiers, in an attempt to make the US Marines recruiters consider leaving the school. There was a heavy military presence yesterday, and they were "making rounds" around the school cafeteria pressuring students to sign their lives away. After the leafletting, police escorted the anarchist student from the cafeteria and proceeded to give him a 2-day suspension. Apparently, students have the "right of free speech", but at the same time "can’t do that".

In response, next week has been made "leafletting week". Counter-Recruitment students will be handing out leaflets, pamphlets, posters, papers, and other forms of information out to students and teachers the entire week.

Mentor High School, located in Mentor, Ohio, 25 miles east of Cleveland, is one of Ohio’s biggest schools.  The address is 6477 Center Street / Mentor, OH 44060. Telephone is 440.974.5300 and fax is 440.974.5216. The principal is  Joe Spiccia.


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