Mumia Abu Jamal On Military Recruiting


Free Speech Radio News aired a new commentary from death row inmate Mumia Abu Jamal titled “Harder to Recruit”. Check out for other commentaries by Mumia.


2 Responses to “Mumia Abu Jamal On Military Recruiting”

  1. stoprecruiting Says:

    Its one more thing we can do to stop these vampire recruiters from lying to kids about the military. Stop them every way we can. You can find these little information kiosks in post offices and local businesses. Take them. Rip them up. Don’t let military propaganda go undisturbed.
    You can also call, fax and email the recruiters themselves. Slow them down. Fake interest. Ask them long winded questions. Tell them we know they lie. Tell them they aren’t welcome in your hood.
    you get the point…

    Info taken from these slick pamphlets of lies advertising for the military:

    M. Rodrigues
    Staff Sergeant
    US Marines Corps
    41 Flatbush Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11217
    toll free: 877-645-4945
    Local: 718-260-8091
    Fax: 718-260-8092
    Cell: 516-233-9541
    this is the new huge military recruitment center on Flatbush near Lafayette near downtown brooklyn.

    Sgt. Daniel Mak
    22 4th Avenue [at pacific street above the atlantic/pacific stop]

    Sgt. Duncan J. MacKay
    22 4th Avenue [at pacific street above the atlantic/pacific stop]
    Pager: 917 200-0014

  2. jello Says:

    also from FRSC- a skidmark bob mix
    [audio src="" /]

    Depleted Uranium is THE issue that will end it all.
    click ‘jello’ below for an mp3 of Army Specialist Dr. Doug Rokke talk about DU. After learning this information, nobody in their right mind would sign up to ride around in a DU armored vehicle.

    tell the high school kids “Google depleted uranium”

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