Crisis Management At The Pentagon


The Army has ordered a halt to all recruiting across the country on Friday (May 20) in order to retrain military recruiters. The military has been faced with a series of setbacks in recent weeks. Recruiting goal have been missed for the three month in a row; fighting in Iraq has intensified; and recruiters are getting caught repeatedly lying to potential recruits.

The Los Angeles Times reports “The personnel shortfalls have intensified pressure on recruiters to meet quotas, drawing media attention to incidents in which recruiters allegedly threatened one prospect with prison time for not keeping an appointment, provided another with laxatives to help lose weight and pass a military physical, and instructed others on ways to cover up past drug use.”

In other words the Army is getting desperate.

Meanwhile the Campus Anti-War Network, the American Friends Service Committee and other groups are staging a series of anti-recruitment protests on May 20 in New York, Chicago, Baltimore, Washington, Philadelphia and other cities.

The Army’s May 20th “stand-down” comes as news on military recruiting and counter-recruiting has been making headlines across the country. Here are a couple recent articles of note:

  • “Rift Over Recruiting at Public High Schools” (Christian Science Monitor)
  • Army’s Top Recruiter Says 2006 May Be Biggest Test (New York Times)
  • Army launches new review of its ad account (Chicago Sun Times)
  • Some Military Recruiters Don’t Play it Straight, Dowagiac Teacher Says (The Herald-Palladium) –
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