U.S. Navy Places Fake Ads In Papers in Pursuit of New Recruits


From DefenseWatch: The U.S. Navy has pulled out all the stops to recruit hard-to-reach candidates using classified ads in newspapers across the country offering jobs as postal workers with “excellent pay & benefits” for high school graduates who respond to a toll-free “800” telephone number.

What has a number of critics seething is that the ads do not mention the Navy at all, or that the telephone number connects inquiries to a Navy recruiting team manning a nationwide telephone bank, a DefenseWatch inquiry has learned.


One Response to “U.S. Navy Places Fake Ads In Papers in Pursuit of New Recruits”

  1. Emma Says:

    There is nothing that says the Navy has to mention itself in an ad. It’s not like kids show up for the interview and are kidnapped to undergo Basic Training. Nobody is fooled into signing up for the Navy, thinking they’re going to a civilian job. TO claim otherwise is pure idiocy.

    Getting a bit thin on the old “conspiracy” line, aren’t we, when things like this cause a row?

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