37 Military Recruiters Go AWOL


From Robert Novak’s new column: “Retired Army Lt. Col. Charles Krohn got himself in trouble with his superiors as a Pentagon civilian public affairs official during the first 3-1/2 years of the Bush administration by telling the truth. He is still at it in private life. He says not to blame the military recruiters for the current recruiting ‘scandal.’ Blame the war.

“‘Army recruiting is in a death spiral, through no fault of the Army,’ Krohn told me. Always defending uniformed personnel, he resents hard-pressed recruiters being attacked for offering unauthorized benefits to make quotas. In a recent e-mail sent to friends (mostly retired military), Krohn complained that the ‘Army is having to compensate for a problem of national scope’…

“But the focus at the Defense Department has been on the excesses of desperate recruiters, 37 of whom reflected their frustration in trying to meet quotas by going AWOL over the last 2-1/2 years. The official response was a 24-hour stand-down in recruiting to review proper procedures. It also has been proposed that enlistments, now usually three to four years with a minimum of 24 months, be cut to 15 months.”


2 Responses to “37 Military Recruiters Go AWOL”

  1. Roger Morris Says:

    Just wanted to say, maybe its not the severirty of the war in Iraq as much as people dont want to fight for a war which was rumored to be “bogus” from the beginning [Colin Powell was an outspoken critic of the war before it started]
    and now after the fact, we see it really was. Bush, Cheny and Rumsfeld started this war, let them go over and fight it. Americans would probably line up by the thousands if we were attacked but their is no link between Iraq and 9/11. I remember the patriotism I personally saw on 9/11 when hundreds lined up to donate blood where I live (37 miles from NY City). We will fight, but there has to be a reason. All we are doing in this conflict is ruining our name the longer we stay there. I voted for Bush his first term but the Republican party may have lost me forever based on there extreme self-rightous attitude; Im a moderate and think many others feel the same way.

  2. bob Says:

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