Leave My Child Alone


Working Assets — along with Acorn and a group called Mainstreet Moms Operation Blue — has launched the website LeaveMyChildAlone.org in order to fight the provision inside the No Child Left Behind Act that forces schools to hand over student information to recruiters unless parents opt out of the deal.

The group is organizing “Opt Out house parties” across the country on June 1.

Meanwhile in Vermont, the Rutland Herald reports that nearly 10 percent of the student body at Rutland High School has opted off of recruitment lists.


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  1. Angelica Says:

    Link TV tackles democracy in America

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    The special, “Democracy for Sale?” will feature the critically acclaimed film “Counting on Democracy,” which investigates charges of disenfranchisement and the 180,000 uncounted Florida votes cast largely by the working poor and people of color during the 2000 election. It takes viewers on a political and social rollercoaster — from election night to 36 days later when the Supreme Court made the highly controversial decision to halt the recount and call the election for George W. Bush. Guest Greg Palast, who has been hailed “the most important investigative reporter of our time” and is the author of the recently released “Armed Madhouse,” will be on hand to discuss his groundbreaking BBC investigation into the 2000 election scandal and why the BBC was the only media outlet to broadcast it.

    Activist Megan Matson, founder of the action group Mainstreet Moms, will address creating a system where people who care about election fraud, dirty politics and the disfranchisement of select groups of the population can band together and force change. Matson, who appeared in Mary Beth Brangan’s short film “Got Democracy?,” also touches on the dangers of electronic voting and what ordinary citizens can do to help preserve democracy for future generations.

    The special will also feature a screening of director Robert Kane Pappas’ “Orwell Rolls in his Grave,” which provides an examination of modern media and its impact on our political culture, asking whether America has entered an Orwellian world of doublespeak where outright lies can pass for the truth. Pacifica Radio’s “Democracy Now!” host Amy Goodman will join via satellite to discuss the state of election reform.

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