Facing Recruiting Shortage At Home, the U.S. Looks To Uganda For Help


From “The Monitor” (Kampala, Uganda): At least 200 Ugandan youths on Saturday signed up for security work in Iraq and at American installations worldwide. The Ugandans who go to Iraq will be deployed to guard public and private installations in the war-ravaged country where the United States forces continue to battle local insurgents.

A local law firm, Hall & Partners, is working in collaboration with a local security firm, Aktar Security Services, on the recruitment exercise, which is targeting 10,000 people in three years. Mr Bob Kasango, a lawyer with Hall & Partners, said the firm was hired by the World Wide Special Operations (WWSO), who work for and closely with the US government and other international organisations like the World Bank, Coca Cola, and Microsoft Corporation to provide security.

Kasango said not all the recruits will be employed in in Iraq. “They will work in any part of the world where America has installations. Iraq is just one of them,” he said…

Samia Bugwe MP Aggrey Awori condemned the exercise: “It is tragic for the Uganda government to allow its citizens to be recruited as mercenaries. It is not true that they are only going to provide guard services. How do you provide only guard services in a country like Iraq? These people will definitely shoot back when they are shot at.” …

Sources said Uganda had been targeted because of its close working relations with the US government and because it was one of the African countries that supported the American-led invasion of Iraq in 2003…

The State Department has reportedly cleared private firms in different countries of the world to source employees for mostly security work at US installations because Americans are shunning the lucrative, but risky jobs.


2 Responses to “Facing Recruiting Shortage At Home, the U.S. Looks To Uganda For Help”

  1. Mary MacElveen Says:

    Dear Editor:

    To sign up to protect American interests especially if one of these people are sent to Iraq in light of the many lies told by Pres. Bush is an outrage. No amount of money is worth losing one’s life over. The reason for the shortage here in America is that many do see this president for the liar that he is. If my son were 18 and there was a draft, Pres. Bush cannot have my son and I would hide him somewhere in the world to make sure that he is safe.

    Mary MacElveen!

  2. Reed Says:

    Perhaps we can bring back the great and noble cannibal Idi Amin to work for Bush and his drive to free all mankind.

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