Wisconsin school strong-armed into re-admitting ROTC


From the Madison Capital Times: "The chancellor of the University of Wisconsin-Stout has reversed
his ban on Army reserve officer training on campus, after discovering
that the university could lose federal funding as a result.

Sorensen, head of the UW campus in Menomonie, sent a memo to campus
staff today explaining his change of heart. His prior position was
based on the military’s policy of banning openly homosexual people,
which the chancellor said violated the university’s policy of inclusion
and tolerance.

contact from UW System’s general counsel, it became clear to me that
campus attempts to prohibit an ROTC chapter may be a violation of
regent policy and federal law," [Sorenson wrote]. "In reading the law it appears that
barring ROTC could place significant amounts of federal funding for us
at risk."

… The chancellor
also denied that he had yielded to political pressure in changing his
position, despite the fact that three members of the state Legislature
which is now considering the UW budget objected strongly to the
decision. Republican Sens. Ron Brown and Dave Zien of Eau Claire and
Sheila Harsdorf of River Falls wrote a letter to Sorensen stating that
the way to deal with political objections is through the political

Note: The federal law refered to in the article is the Solomon Amendment, and it withholds federal funds from colleges and universities that ban military recruiting on campus.   The Supreme Court is due to review the constitutionality of the Solomon Amendment later this year.


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