Military Target: Students in Washington Heights in NYC


From Antrim Caskey of NYC Indymedia: At two o’clock today, students streamed out George Washington High School in Washington Heights — six more days until seniors graduate — with yearbooks in hand, some with tales of calls and visits from military recruiters.

In an effort to get the military out of schools, United for Peace and Justice, Educators against the War, Campus Antiwar Network and UFTers stood outside several different high schools today handing out flyers warning students of the military recruiters who have been out in force because of the fresh crop of eighteen year olds available, terrible recruiting statistics for the last four months in a row and a war they want to feed these kids to.

Luis Pinol, a graduating senior, fended off military recruiters from December to February, 2005. He told me that they called him three times a week for three months. “One day he came to my house. My father was home. My father said I had better plans that did not include the Marines, Army, Navy or Air Force.”

Luis told me that the recruiters told him, “We’ll take care of everything. All you do is sign the papers.” He continued, “They said I wasn’t going to have to go to war. That I’d be chillin on a boat doing nothing.” Luis told them he wasn’t signing any papers, yet they persisted… Read More.


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