Sen. Biden: We “Have to Face” Possibility of Restoring Military Draft


Sen. Joseph Biden, the top Democrat of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, said today the country is going to “have to face” the possibility of restoring the military draft if the Army continues to fail to reach recruiting goals. Biden appeared on NBC’s “Meet the Press” with Tim Russert. Here’s part of the transcript.

    RUSSERT: In order to continue current deployments, might we need to revert to a draft?

    BIDEN: Remember during the campaign you asked me that question? And I said Kerry isn’t making anything up. We’re going to have to face that question. I agree with Curt. I think we can avoid it by changing the mix. But the truth of the matter is, it is going to become a subject if in fact 40 percent shortfall in recruitment. It’s just a reality.

Also today, the Pentagon announced the U.S. military death toll in Iraq has topped 1,700.


10 Responses to “Sen. Biden: We “Have to Face” Possibility of Restoring Military Draft”

  1. Robin Says:

    Of course, you don’t have to draft or recruit anyone if US troops only serve on US soil, instead of in over 100 countries. Bring ’em ALL home now! Try a foreign policy that does not consist of trying to stomp everything.

  2. ChrisA Says:

    Maybe you should try having a thought process that doesnt over generalize in an attempt to support your selfish point of view.

  3. Satan Says:

    Gee, that sounds like something you should tell your dip$hit-in-chief, Chris. He’s the lying, draft-dodging, ex-cokehead who’s responsible for this cluster-fu¢k.

  4. ChrisA Says:

    Good luck with the impeachment Satan, you’re wasting your time. By the way, I never said Bush was perfect, in fact he’s far from it. But he is taking care of a situation that should have been dealt with a long time ago. No matter how much hate you spew theres nothing you can do about it. You are inept and weak just like the rest of the left. So go ahead and shout from the rooftops. In the end, Bush will still be president, and Iraq will still be out of Saddams hands.

  5. Satan Says:

    Man, fu¢k you, Chris. When did I mention impeachment? And SURPRISE, A$$HOLE, I’M A REGISTERED REPUBLICAN. You can’t pull this “left” bull$hit with me. The difference is that the absolutely hypocritical, self-serving, corrupt sacks of $hit that call themselves Republicans today bears no resemblance to the party that once was a great party. “Shout from the rooftops.” You fu¢kwads are a disgrace defending this lying a$$hole. “I never said Bush was perfect.” Man, FU¢K YOU. If a democrat president did any of this $hit, you’d be calling for his head right now. But since it’s coming from a Yankee Texan-wanna-be with the speech level of a fifth-grader, it’s acceptable. But all the bull$hit you said about “Bush will still be president, Iraq will be out of Saddams [sic] hands” shows you have no excuse and just blindly support someone whose administration even LIED TO THEIR OWN ALLIES (British, regarding the use of Napalm, first denied by the US). How many family members of yours have been killed in Iraq, A$$HOLE? If you like giving lip-service to this disgrace of a president so much, VOLUNTEER TO GO TO IRAQ. But you won’t, because you’re nothing but a chicken$hit little bitch. My brother is currently on his SECOND VOLUNTARY tour of Iraq right now. You have absolutely no case and you know it. PUNK-A$$ LITTLE BIT¢H.

  6. Robin Says:

    Chris: it is funny to me to be told that I am selfish because I don’t want my country going into other countries killing, bombing, destroying, etc. I think that the legitimate interests of the US or any other country can be met without military force, and likely they can be met more effectively.
    I can’t see how this is selfish at all. What is selfish is the current policy of enticing young people into the military and turning them into killers, maimers, and bombers in the cause of enriching oil companies and military contractors with connections to senior people in the administration. How altruistic is it to send other people’s sons and daughters to do your dirty work, and maybe kill or disfigure them in the process?

    Moreover, your comments on Saddam Hussein are droll, considering who put the bastard in charge of Iraq in the first place.

    War is bad, period. A military is perhaps a necessary evil, no more. Those who have died in the armed services of their countries have died tragically. People with families and friends who have died like this must always be remembered: we owe them that more than anything else. We can manifest this by making sure that people are not put into those horrific, dehumanizing circumstances again. That is why we need a foreign policy that is not based upon stomping the world. How selfish is it to be advocating a world with less killing and bombing?

  7. ChrisA Says:

    Hey Satan, why dont you take a look at the link attached to your name in the first post dummy, As far as the rest of your ignorant comments, I’ve been in the active duty Air Force for over 10 years, and I’ve been all over the middle east, so blow me. Godspeed to your brother, why arent you with him? “PUNK-A$$ LITTLE BIT¢H”

  8. ChrisA Says:

    Robin, I called you selfish not because you dont want us to bomb other countries, but because you appear to support a policy that would have us remove all of our troops from the rest of the world and look out only for our own. There is a lot more going on in this world than Iraq, American soldiers are all over the globe doing good, your comments are narrow minded and they dont include the whole picture that is the U.S. Military.

  9. Robin Says:

    Chris: My point is that we can do much more good if we take non-military approaches. Let me put it this way: how would you feel if we were occupied by another country’s army? Moreover, the troops of another country, especially a powerful one, even if not occupying are certainly a sign of undue influence by a foreign power. There is nothing wrong with the US taking it’s place in the world as other nations do: obeying international law, respecting treaties, dealing fairly with other countries.

  10. ChrisA Says:

    I agree Robin, all other avenues should be explored before military force should be used. Saddam had 12 years, his time is done. I wouldnt have given him that long, he should have been removed back in the mid 90’s.

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