“[The Recruiter] Told Me That, If I Wanted to Become a Marine, I Would Have to Have Sex with Him”


From The Ukiah Daily Journal in California: A Ukiah teenager who wanted to be a U.S. Marine has told civilian and military authorities she was required to have sex with her recruiter to fulfill her wish. She says the Naval Criminal Investigative Service is now looking at her case and may press charges against the recruiter…

According to what the young woman told law enforcement, her interactions with Staff Sgt. Joseph Dunzweiler began late in October of last year. Interested in the Marines for some years, she had become a potential recruit, or “poolie” as they are called, in Sacramento, where she used to live. After she moved to Ukiah, Dunzweiler became one of her new recruiters…

“He told me that, if I wanted to become a Marine, I would have to have sex with him,” she said she told authorities.

The young woman says this was her first sexual experience. In her report to the authorities, she said the sex was unprotected, at the insistence of Dunzweiler, despite the ready availability of condoms at the recruitment center. Through the middle of February, two other sexual incidents occurred, also unprotected. Worried that she might be pregnant, the young woman went to a health clinic. Staff requested she be checked for STDs and she agreed. While the pregnancy check was negative, the STD check was not, she said she told authorities…

Mendocino County District Attorney Norm Vroman said Tuesday he would not press charges, seeing no actual crime committed. He added however, that some military action might be appropriate.
According to the girl, the preliminary military investigation of her charges was conducted by an officer out of San Diego who contacted her, heard her story and told her to keep her mouth shut.

Update: The San Diego Union Tribune is reporting that this was not an isolated event. Dunzweiler and Sgt. Brian Fukushima are now eaching facing 11 charges stemming from alleged sexual misconduct with several female recruits in January and February. In March, an 18-year-old woman claimed that Dunzweiler and Fukushima had sex with several females who approached them about joining the Corps…

In recent years, at least two Marine recruiters have been convicted of sexual misdeeds with female teenagers. One of them was Staff Sgt. William C. Bragg, who was convicted last June of raping a 17-year-old in his Riverside recruiting station.


3 Responses to ““[The Recruiter] Told Me That, If I Wanted to Become a Marine, I Would Have to Have Sex with Him””

  1. anonymous Says:

    This is just a fabricated load of crap. None of that ever happened.

  2. Kat Says:


  3. Anonymous Says:

    Yeah, I bet I would have heard about in on NPR if it was true.

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