ACLU Sues Albuquerque Public Schools Over Military Recruiting


The battle over military recruiting in high schools continues… in New Mexico the state chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union has sued the Albuquerque Public Schools for failing to properly notify parents of their option to prohibit public schools from directly sending their children’s contact information to military recruiters.

“At a time when people who enter the military face the very real prospect of going into battle, parents should have the right to control what the US Department of Defense knows about their children and how easily they can recruit them to become soldiers,” said New Mexico ACLU Executive Director Peter Simonson.

(Note: has published Opt-Out forms for students and parents to fill out in order to block school officials from giving the student’s information to the Pentagon.)


3 Responses to “ACLU Sues Albuquerque Public Schools Over Military Recruiting”

  1. mary Says:

    Just over the 4th of July weekend my 10 year old Grandson was aproached by 2 military recruiters at the fair. They were looking for youth to join the military.
    I find this absolutely sickening. They offered their apology when they found out that he was 10 and my daughter objected. But that did not stop them from approaching other youths.
    What is Our World coming to?

  2. Military Recruiter Says:

    I’m sorry but you are LYING! I know FOR A FACT that a military recruiter knows the difference between a 10-year-old and a 17-YEAR-OLD! If you want to bash recruiters at least make it BELIEVABLE.

    I will accept the idea that MAYBE they were from an organization like the Army Cadet Force or the Civil Air Patrol or an Adventure Explorer’s post or even a JR-ROTC program. Those are YOUTH organizations that have a military theme. Joining one of those organizations does not require enlistment when you reach enlistment age. These programs are very helpful to the youth that join them, as well as the communities they reside in. It provides the youth with values like respect, selfless service, honor, integrity, duty, self worth, determination, and gives them a lot of focus. These organizations are always helpful to their communities, often volunteering their time to help in anyway they can. Whether it’s cleaning the streets or city parks, or doing yard work for the elderly. Hell the Civil Air Patrol has thier kids go on search and rescue missions for missing persons and air plane crashes. They MAY have mistaken your grandson for being 12 (the usual age to join one of these youth organizations) while he was only 10 years old. If you’re going to complain about something GET YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT!


  3. Vernon O'Neil Says:

    I would not go so far as to accuse anyone of lying about Recruiters approaching a 10 year old. After all, they may have an older brother or sister. Further, recruiters at fairs or other functions often time are out there at a booth, instead of being there with the family. I know from working the Balloon Fiesta that many young kids come to the booth and get stuff. Recruiters are judged by the number of people visiting thier booth. Often times the guys are just trying to get rid of the free stuff. Most do not complain about getting a bag, frisbee, cup or whatever, after all taxes paid for it. Unfortunately, some take these things as Pressure Recruiting Tactics. Most of the time the guys out there just want to get rid of the stuff and go home. I wonder if this boys mom complained when they gave out free pizza at the radio booth. I worked downtown Albuquerque, I know how many individuals are both for and against the military there. I have kids of my own and most young boys and some girls, at the age of 10, tend to find the military an adventure and exciting. The want the free army stuff. So what the diff if a recruiter gives it to them. Saves mom and dad from buying it at Walmart. I also wonder if this young man’s parents buy him army themed clothing at the store, without protest. The hypocrisy of some is overwhelming.

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