Counter Recruitment Summer Camps


The new coalition Not Your Soldier has announced plans to host activist traning camps this summer:

“The camps will provide youth with new tools and strategies to stop the militarization of their schools and communities. The Not Your Soldier camps will help develop political organizing skills and create real-life strategies to fight military recruitment, the poverty draft, and the corporations that profit off of war. Attendees will learn what counter-military recruitment activism really means and how they can take creative nonviolent direct action to end militarism.”

Organizations participating in the camps include the Ruckus Society, the War Resisters League, the National Youth and Student Peace Coalition, National Network Opposed to the Militarization of Youth, American Friends Service Committee, Code Pink and the League of Independent Voters.

More info is at


One Response to “Counter Recruitment Summer Camps”

  1. Mike Says:

    This web site makes me sick. I have spent the last twenty years serving in the military so that you and yours can put out this crap. I hope the day comes when all of you or your children will be forced to do something for this country other than try to tear it apart. The day the ACLU is abolished will be a day of celebration. Better yet is when all of those who support it comes face to face with the almighty and the only option is down. Do us true AMERICAN’S a favor and move to Paris.

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