Army Nearly Doubles Recruiting Campaign Budget


From PR Week (sorry, no link):

    The US Army has poured an additional $500 million into a recruitment campaign designed to build its ranks — raising the total value of the program to $1.3 billion. The RFP [Request for Proposal] was amended less than a week after the Pentagon announced that the Army had failed to reach its May recruitment goals…

    The Army is now turning to a full-service firm to help reverse the persistent shortfalls. The Army’s outstanding RFP calls for a single marketing communications agency to oversee all advertising, media relations, internet campaigns, event marketing, and other promotional activities.


3 Responses to “Army Nearly Doubles Recruiting Campaign Budget”

  1. Jack Says:

    I didn’t want to keep hijacking Jack Army’s comment section with this, so I’ll say it here. I’ve lost friends over there too. Far from ignoring the sacrifices being made over there, I’m well aware what our fighting men and women are going through. In fact, I expect, this time next year, I will be over there myself, by choice…I’ve already done my 24 months active duty with my Reserve unit, but I am transferring to a new unit and I expect I will be asked to deploy. If asked, I will go. So don’t be too hasty before you start insinuating that I’m unaware or uncaring about what’s going on in Iraq. You, by no means, have the market cornered on giving a damn.

  2. IRR Soldier... Says:


    Nice to see you hear (seriously).

    I’m glad to see that you too appreciate the sacrifices being made and the friends/colleagues lost (6 so far for me).

    That being said, why do you so defend the “talking points” coming out of DoD that we don’t need more soldiers and that “everything’s fine.” Things are not fine and the fact that reservists are being mobilized for 24 months belies the “current endstength is ok” fantasy.

    The officer personnel crisis in the USAR and ARNG is critical right now. 5,000 CPTs short in the USAR!!! Christ, the entire authorized endstrength for the USAR, from E-1 to O-9 is only 205,000. We are in a world of hurt … not speaking out or telling the truth only speeds the destruction of an Army that so many of us gave our most vital years to rebuilding!

  3. FOX-1 Says:

    First, let me say that I am a Gulf War era veteran myself and the son of a career soldier who served during Vietnam. The military is in my blood.

    The problem with the entire recruiting effort is that those making the decisions are completely unaware of the major influences on today’s youth. History has shown us that if you want to motivate a youthful demographic to a particular activity, all you have to do is make the activity “cool”. In terms of convincing young men and women to join the armed forces, I realize that it may appear to be harder than it actually is. If you checkout you will see the coolest website you’ve ever seen and hear music which has directly influenced hundreds of youth to join the Army or to re-enlist. If i can get the right people to view this website we can get this recuiting problem solved and get on with the business of keeping our country safe.

    My contact info is on the site. Hit me back when you see it and tell me what you think.


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