Drill Sergeants Convicted of Beating & Kicking New Recruits


From the Associated Press:

    The recruits of Echo Company stumbled off the bus for basic training at Fort Knox to the screams of red-faced drill instructors. That much was expected. But it got worse from there.

    Echo Company’s top drill instructor seized a recruit by the back of the neck and threw him to the ground. Other soldiers were poked, grabbed or cursed.

    Once inside the barracks, Pvt. Jason Steenberger says, he was struck in the chest by the top D.I. and kicked “like a football.” Andrew Soper, who has since left the Army, says he was slapped and punched in the chest by another drill instructor. Pvt. Adam Roster says he was hit in the back and slammed into a wall locker.

    Eventually, four Army drill instructors and the company commander would be brought up on charges. Four have been convicted so far…

    Harvey Perrit, a spokesman for the Army Training and Doctrine Command in Fort Monroe, Va., said there 120 allegations of abuse against Army drill sergeants in fiscal year 2004, and as a result 16 drill sergeants were relieved of duty.


One Response to “Drill Sergeants Convicted of Beating & Kicking New Recruits”

  1. Chris Campbell Says:

    Drill Instructors (D.I.’s) are the Marine Corps’ version of the Army’s Drill Sergeant. One does not equal the other.

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