Is the Army Distorting Its Recruiting Numbers?


The morning papers all mention that the Army has exceeded its monthly recruiting goal in June. The headlines proclaim “US Army Ends 4-Month Recruiting Slump in June” and “For First Time in Months, Army Meets Its Recruiting Goal.”

According to the Pentagon, the Army signed by 6,157 recruits — exceeding its “goal” of 5,650 by 507 recruits.

The goal of 5,650, however, seems suspiciously low.

Here’s why: The original recruiting goal for May was 8,050. Then, with no public notice, the Army lowered its May goal to just 6,700. (Recruiting was so bad in May the Army still came up 25 percent short of the revised goal.)

Doesn’t it seem odd for the Pentagon to drastically lower its monthly recruiting goal again?

If the recruiting goal for June remained at May’s revised target of 6,700, the Army would have fallen short about 8 percent short this month; if the recruiting goal for June remained at May’s original target of 8,050 the Army would have fallen almost 24 percent short.


9 Responses to “Is the Army Distorting Its Recruiting Numbers?”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    I think it is worse than that. A story in early june, in the Washington Post, said this:

    “The Army will make a “monumental effort” to bring in the average 10,000 recruits a month required this summer, said Maj. Gen. Michael D. Rochelle, head of the Army’s recruiting command. An additional 500 active-duty recruiters will be added in the next two months — on top of an increase of 1,000 earlier this year.”

    By that marker, June levels are still almost four thousand off.

    Excellent numbers, but there is a long way to go to squeeze shut the enlistment issue and deny Bush and Co. their WMD, i.e. an army they can abuse to their hearts content . But at least it is starting to happen.

  2. Eddie Paul Says:

    Great point, great site. Appreciate your work.

  3. Sandra Says:

    This is so true. They distort everything to make it seem like they are doing great. The truth is that they are falling drastically short of the numbers they need. It makes you wonder…are they desperate enough to eventually have a draft?

  4. Mike Says:

    What is horrible is that the military needs people so bad it will get rediculous in promises to new kids… enlistment bonuses out the ass, plus the obligatory education, housing… bla bla bla. The old timers who have been in for a while were given a bumper sticker and perhaps a t shirt if they were lucky. Many of the old timers are wondering, ‘where is my big fat check?’ There isn’t much incentive to stick around. Stop focusing on the recruiting goal. Unemployed dupes will always come. Focus on keeping the highly trained Soldiers you have.
    Check the stats on “retention”. I believe you will be amazed.

  5. Ashley Says:

    So does this mean that counter recruiting is effective. Is the goal to stop recruitment, increase government spending, and defeat millitary readiness. Does it matter that a shortage of troops may cause additional combat casualties, further adding to the problem.

  6. Recruiter Says:

    Well, I have to GREATLY disagree with this website, I find it hilarious what you people say. Lemme get this straight. You want to STOP military recruiters from recruiting people – yet you think the idea of a draft is horrible! Do you want to have NO military at all? Who would be there to protect the freedoms you all so selfishly enjoy?

    The real comment I want to make is about the “Lowering of Recruiting Goals” as you so put it. All the military services do great research to figure out what months are the best recruiting months. Studies show that March, April, & May are the best recruiting months out of the year. Many services even play off of sports seasons having “March Madness” competitions or baseball and football themes. Enlistment numbers usually sharply drop in June, July and August as many potential recruits go away for the summer or get summer jobs and what not. The Army did not lower their expectations to hide numbers, they merely did so because the summer months do not typically produce.

    Sorry to shoot your “conspiricy” down but that’s the way the system works.


  7. IRR Soldier... Says:


    Once again, I will draw swords with you. You are completely wrong and your ignorance of recruiting, an area you purport to be an “expert” in mystifies me. I will do my best to “set you straight” and inform those that read your posts about the truth.

    First off, I support a draft. Nice “straw man” you develop in your post. Like many of your ideological bent, you post a response to what you WISH those you disagree with said, not what they actually said. Who hear suggested that we have “no military at all”? Not anyone I’ve seen post hear.

    Then you proceed to throw in the obligatory suggestion that YOU are “protecting the freedoms that we selfishly enjoy.” Malarkey! YOU aren’t protecting shit. YOU volunteered to become a recruiter and avoid deployments, danger and the “real military” for at least 3 years. YOU are living large and collecting your $450 monthly SDAP and $75 monthly REA (both tax free) while other folks are doing the heavy lifting. Were you a detailed recruiter, I might not attack you over this … but … since you volunteered it’s 1) fair game and 2) a check on your “king kong” sized ego and delusions of “protecting democracy”. In case you don’t know, you (and I) are SERVING the people of the United States. Calling them
    “selfish” when we have a volunteer military from the confines of your strip-mall office is the height of arrogance.

    Now, onto why you are WRONG about recruiting. February, March and April are traditionally referred to as the “bathtub months” for recruiting. Why? Few people traditionally join at this time. To understand this fact, you CANNOT simply go off of FY 05’s missioning numbers. FY 05 missioning was done the way it was for political/public relations reasons. Dig back to FYs 00,01,02 and 03, if you really want to see when people enlist.

    The ist Quarter of the FY and the summer are traditionally the strongest recruiting months, the best times to “fill the funnel” and slam on RCM volume. That’s a fact. Any career recruiter that tells you otherwise is lying or incompetent.

    You suggest that the Army lowered its Summer ’05 mission because “no one joins” then. Too funny. I’m looking right now at the June 20th edition of the Army Times, page 8 to be exact. The Army is missioned to contract 7,450 soldiers in July and 9,250 in August. The only month this FY that the Army has contracted over 7,000 enlistments was January when they wrote 8,086 contracts. This, BTW followed December when they were missioned for a mere 400. The summer is the strongest recruiting season, the Army knows this and they WILL NOT make mission.

    Get a clue!

  8. Recruiter Says:

    IRR Soldier,
    You can say that I’m not protecting freedom and that I’m a chickenhawk who only volunteered for this to avoid deployment. That’s fine you CAN say those things even if you’re DEAD WRONG. Recruiting is an IMPORTANT mission. If there were no recruiters there would be no military. STRAIGHT FACT. While I may not be fighting on the front lines (as I did in Bosnia) I am doing a great deal to protect your freedoms. Why did I volunteer for this job? Because I belive in the Military, I believe in our mission, and I believe in helping young people provide a better life for themselves. I know I wouldn’t have anything what I have today if it were not for the military. If I can help other young people that are in the situation I was in I feel like I’ve done something good for the world.

    You need to check many of your facts, you’re more ignorant than I thought. Our Special Duty pay is NOT TAX FREE! The messed up thing is a bunch of liberal pukes will now be running around screaming to take our SDAP away because it’s “tax free”. You also can’t call the REA money tax free because WE ALREADY PAID TAXES ON THAT MONEY! IF you were once a recruiter you’d know these simple facts. But I don’t believe that you were a recruiter at all. As a matter of fact I’ve seen no indication that you were in the military at all. Every time I’ve asked you about your military career you never respond with an answer. You only respond to insult me. You always seem to attack me but not what I’m saying? I mean sometimes you attack what I’m saying, but usually you attack just me. Typical Liberal. Anyway…..

    IRR Soldier, we can play this game all day long and continue to claim that “My dick’s bigger than your dick” but neither of us is going to back down. You say you’re right, I say I’m right. You call me stupid, I say you don’t know what you’re talking about. You say I’m ignorant about recuitering, I say you’re to consumed by your own hatred for the military that you can’t see the truth. I still say they lowered their goals to reflect the market trends. Summer is ALWAYS the slow time of the year.

    To respond to your personal attacks:
    I never implied that somebody didn’t want a military. I simply stated 1) that you guys don’t like the military recruiting 2) you guys don’t want the draft [as evidenced by previous posts and stories in this website.] I then 3) Asked a QUESTION! That’s what this symbole: ? Stands for. It asks a QUESTION. If I wanted to make a statement I would have ende the sentance with a period or exclimation point. If you support the draft, that’s great you’re allowed to have that opinion. I don’t support it becase it surely didn’t work in Vietnam. A volunteer force is the best way to go.

    IRR Soldier – YOU ARN’T SERVING SHIT! You’re in the IRR! I’m willing to bet that you got out with an RE3. Probably a CO, or Failure to adapt or something. He went to his PLT SGT crying “I CAN’T TAKE IT SARGE! I WANNA GO HOME! WHA-WHA-WHA!”

    You may say I’m arrogant. But I say I’m in the right. I can call these people selfish. Why? Because MOST (not all) of these people are the same people who criticize the military for everything they do. These are the same people who call the soldier coming home a “baby killer” for no reason at all. They act like they’re so morally superior than the rest of us when they’re not. Why should they deserve freedom when they hate the one thing that provides them those freedoms. Are they selfish? Yes they are. They take advantage of the freedoms they have and provide nothing in return. And then claim that the people in Iraq don’t deserve those same freedoms. How selfish is that? Have these people come out and said those exact words? Nope, they don’t have to. Every time they say we shouldn’t be in Iraq and the soldiers should come home right now they’re saying it. So do I believe that many liberals are selfish – you bet your ass I do.


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