NYCLU Demands Military Hand Over Info On Student Recruitment Tactics


From the New York Civil Liberties Union:

    Concerned about student privacy and abusive practices by military recruiters, the New York Civil Liberties Union today demanded that high-level military officials produce information about recruiter policies and practices and about how students and parents can file complaints against recruiters. The demands came in the form of Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests to each of the military branches and in the form of letters requesting information from the head recruiters of each military branch…

    The FOIA requests demand information about the tactics and conduct of military recruiters, the criteria by which recruiters target students, the information they give to students about military careers, and complaints filed by students and their families. The letters to the recruiting commands of all four military branches ask what if any mechanisms they have in place to deal with complaints and to protect student privacy.

    “We hope that these requests will elicit more information about the methods and goals of military recruiters and what students, parents, and teachers can do when they don’t behave appropriately,” said Jeff Fogel, NYCLU Attorney.


4 Responses to “NYCLU Demands Military Hand Over Info On Student Recruitment Tactics”

  1. SSG B Says:

    Doesn’t really take a FOIA request to get this info. You can just go to USAREC’s website and check out their publications. I’ll give ya a bit of a pointer, check out USAREC Pam 350-7 for Recruiter Salesmanship and USAREC Reg 601-45 for Recruiting Improprities Policies and Procedures.

    But I guess that actually going to their website and looking for this information is a lot less glamorous and attention-craving than making a big ol’, mean ol’ FOIA request.

    That search took me like 3 minutes, I wonder what Jeff Fogel’s hourly rate is for his clients? Maybe he’d be willing to pay me a prorated portion of that for my keen researchability. Eh, probably not.

  2. IRR Soldier... Says:

    SSG B,

    Spare us all! You know damn well that they are looking for more nuanced information than what’s in USAREC regs available to every detailed E-5.

    The FOIA request is looking for SPECIFIC local strategies being worked on at the USAREC, Brigade and battalion level.

    Last I checked … detailed information on complaints of recruiter impropriety weren’t in any reg.

  3. rebecca Says:

    i have been harassed for two years by recruiters trying to get my sons recruited. i have repeatedly told them that we are not interested. i have complained to the supervisor three times. on the third time he said we had never spoken. and when i asked for his commanding officers name he refused to give it to me. he said that i may be a terrorist and giving that information to me would be risky. i gave him my name address and phone number to assure him that i was not a terrorist. after 15 minutes of asking repetedly for the info of his commander he finally gave it to me. i have left messages for the commander and have not received a response. i have left complaints with several different people in the army and have not heard a thing. every single person that has called over the two years has said that they would stop the calls. i am still getting them. what can i do and who do i complain to?

  4. unitedwelay1 Says:

    Go to the recruitment office, get the recruiters fll names, then go directly to the police station and file a restraining order.

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