Military Recruiters Feel Pressure


From NYC Indymedia:

The New York City Counter-Recruitment Campaign, a diverse coalition of
anti-war activists, demonstrated in front of military recruiting
offices on Flatbush Avenue in Brooklyn this afternoon.
Many students were on the sidewalk, holding signs like the one Brian
Lewis, a second year student at the New School, held: FACT: 75% of
Blacks and 67% of Latinos experience racial discrimination. Lewis is
working for the summer with Youth Activist Youth Allies (YaYa), a group
that helps youth to get paid to do activist work. Lewis told me, "It
important to take a stand against military recruiters who are preying
on poor people. Coming to black neighborhoods. I’m taking a stand today
and saying no."

Read the article (with photos)


One Response to “Military Recruiters Feel Pressure”

  1. Recruiter Says:

    From my experience many people who lived in poorer communities and then joined the military were very happy they did it. I’ve met many men who feel they’re safer in Iraq then they were at home. They understand that the military offers a better life than they had before they enlisted. Will they make a career out of it? Probably not. But if the benefits wern’t worth it, then people simply wouldn’t join. Many people say that there is a very high percentage of black men in the military compared to the percentage of whites. That is a true statement. You might argue that many recruiters are working with some government plot to destroy the black race, or some other crazy sernerio. You’ll claim that recruiters specifically target black people. You’re wrong. Black people target the military. In my experience people in black communities are very proud and very patriotic people. They more-often-than-not encourage their sons and daughters to serve because they believe it’s the right thing to do and will provide better opportunities down the road. That attitude is slowly changing as we see a slight decline in black enlistments every month. But either way, protest all you want – we’re the ones who give you that right. But do not protest in a manner that prohibits us from doing our duties. We have our rights as well.


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