Recruiting’s so bad, even the Brits have noticed


The Army’s low recruiting numbers are drawing international attention – the BBC has a front page story today on how the war in Iraq is pushing people away from military service.  The piece notes that "In this time of war for a growing number of Americans, fatigues symbolise just one thing – service in Iraq."  So a recruiter featured in the article wears "a blue shirt and chinos" instead (see image at right of recruiter Sergeant Harold Ziegler). 

But the change of clothes doesn’t seem to be working too well:

"[The] face of Iraq that most people see are the images
of a bloody war which is sapping the will of a nation to bolster the
ranks of its all-volunteer army.

Lt Colonel James Carafano, a military expert, said:
"We’ve had to try to recruit people to an all-volunteer force while
there are still active operations going on – people actually getting
shot at for this length of time – that is kind of what is new."


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