2006 Recruitment Looks Rough Too


With 2005 nearing its close, the San Francisco Chronicle reports that 2006 isn’t looking too hot for enlistment either. 

[The] pool of early recruits signed up for boot camp next year
is unusually small. The Army hopes to have banked about 7,200 of these
recruits in its delayed entry pool for 2006  —  less than a fourth of the
delayed entry enlistees it had signed up for 2004. Next year, said Army Chief
of Staff Gen. Peter Schoomaker, "may be the toughest recruiting environment

In this recruiting environment, could a draft be coming?  The Chron thinks not:

Polls now indicate a majority of Americans are unwilling to encourage
their own children to enlist in the military. That represents a drop from one-
third just five years ago in a Gallup Poll. Resuscitation of a draft likely
would eviscerate the half-hearted support remaining for our involvement in
Iraq. An Associated Press-Ipsos poll last month found that only 1 in 4
Americans favors reinstating the draft, while 7 in 10 oppose it. More than
half of those polled said they were "strongly opposed."

Members of Congress have an ingrained aversion to political suicide, and
thus will keep refusing to drink the Kool-Aid of conscription.

So instead, the military will have to rely on tactics like "raising the upper age limit to sign up  —  to age
35 for active duty and 42 for the reserves and Guard" and "pursuing a
mentally ill teen, threatening a wavering prospect with arrest if he reneged,
and suggesting that a prospect doctor up a high-school diploma and taking him
to a head shop to buy a kit to help him pass a drug test." 


3 Responses to “2006 Recruitment Looks Rough Too”

  1. Army Soldier 05 Says:

    Indeed. Lets have a prospective failure doctor up some documents to enlist. What idiots. The 2006 enlistment numbers DO NOT EXIST. The new fiscal year hasn’t even arrived here yet. Contracts credited to the next fiscal year won’t show up on the radar for another 4 months.
    And for who ever posted that article, or pieces of it. Get a clue, the age limit for active duty military service is 35. LASTLY, GET IT THROUGH YOUR HEAD, THE DRAFT DOES NOT EXIST AND WON’T. THAT IS WHAT SELECTIVE SERVICE IS FOR!

  2. merc Says:

    Let me join,,,

  3. Guard Recruiter Says:

    I am a recruiter for the Army National Guard, and according to my regulations you can only be 17-39 to enlist. I would like to see where you got this information. A mentally ill teen? If a kid is on any medication they are disqualified. How do we threaten with arrest? By the way, I have never doctored or told a recruit to doctor up a diploma and I have never told a recruit to get a clean out kit. What happened in Colorado isn’t everywhere. I don’t know what you do for a job, but I bet there has been a case where people did stupid things to cut corners. Not everyone does crap like that. You want to know what has happened to the people of the United States? No one is Patriotic any more. I love this country and I would die, so that my family would not have to go through something like 9/11. Has everyone forgot about that event. I like being a recruiter, we do change lives. Every kid I have talk to knows about deploying. Its not like we hide it. What is wrong with you people. I have soldier that came home with stories about helping Iraqis get running water, or getting them clothing that we take for granted. Yes, we have lost over 2000 of our troops. It is tragic. A great lose to the troops families. How many have we lost in previous wars? I believe in what we are doing. I have family over there. Some of my best friends are over there. I pray for their save return. I am enlisting my cousin into the Guard this week. I believe in America, and I love this country. Oh, by the way, recruiting is up. We just met our goal for November.

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