“They Can Taser Us, Beat Us, Shower Us With Pepper-spray, and Seize Police Dogs On Us, But They Will Not Stop Us”


The Pittsburgh Organizing Group has announced plans to hold another protest at the Oakland military recruiting station, the scene of last week’s demonstration that made national headlines. Last week police arrested at least five protesters and shot Taser stun guns at two people. A 68-year-old woman was hospitalized after being bitten by a police dog. [See CounterRecruiter.net coverage].

Pittsburgh City Councilor Doug Shields and State Senator Jim Ferlo have both called for a investigation into police conduct at last week’s protest.

“They can Taser us, beat us, shower us with pepper-spray, and seize police dogs on us, but they will not stop us from protesting the lies about military recruitment and the war in Iraq,” said Marie Skoczylas, a POG member. “We are undeterred by last week’s unprovoked attack.”

Saturday’s protest is scheduled for 11:15 a.m. outside the the Oakland military recruiting station.

8/27 Update: Pittsburgh Indymedia reports: Today, Saturday, August 27, the Pittsburgh Organizing Group (POG) held a non-violent picket at Oakland’s military recruiting station… By noon, about 100 people lined the sidewalk on Forbes between Atwood St. and Oakland Ave. There was a sizeable presence of police in the vicinity — including Pittsburgh Police Chief McNally — but unlike last week, the police did not attack the crowd and the protest ended without incident.


One Response to ““They Can Taser Us, Beat Us, Shower Us With Pepper-spray, and Seize Police Dogs On Us, But They Will Not Stop Us””

  1. Recruiter Says:

    WOW! 100 people showed up! That is a lot! NOT!

    The city of Pittsburgh has approx 325,000 residents.

    Allegheny County has over 2 MILLION residents.

    Doing some simple math I figured out that:
    1. Roughly 3% of the city of Pittsburgh is actually against the military like you are.

    2. About 1 fifth of 1% of the residents of Allegheny County (where Pittsburgh resides) cares!




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