Rush Limbaugh & Fox News Caught Lying Over Military Recruitment Data


Media Matters has posted two recent advisories on how Rush Limbaugh and Fox News have been misleading listeners and viewers on the state of the country’s military recruiting:

On Aug. 24, Limbaugh claimed:

    “Recruitment levels are way above what expectations are in every branch, including the reserves. This is a big myth that the media has put out there that people aren’t signing up. In the midst of the [Cindy] Sheehan squatters, in the ditch at Crawford [Texas], in the midst of all the coming of age of these anti-war leftists, the military is exceeding its recruitment expectation.” Listen to an MP3 of Limbaugh]

Meanwhile, Media Matters is reporting:

    [O]n August 25, Fox News anchor Donna Fiducia declared that Army recruiting “is on the rebound” and reported a statement by Gen. Peter J. Schoomaker, the Army’s chief of staff, that the service expects to exceed its August recruiting goal, as it did in June and July. But Fiducia ignored the rest of Schoomaker’s comments, which included a more dour announcement that the Army expects to miss its annual recruitment goal for the fiscal year that ends in September.

    An August 26 Washington Post article by staff writer Josh White titled “Army Likely to Meet August’s, But Not Year’s Goal” reported — as Fiducia did — that re-enlistment numbers are up and that the Army expects to meet its recruitment goal for August. But the Post also noted that, in a meeting with reporters, Schoomaker said “he expects the Army to miss its annual goal of 80,000 new active-duty recruits by ‘a couple thousand.’ ” The Post further reported Schoomaker’s characterization of the current “recruiting environment” as the most difficult since the Army “became an all-volunteer force.” [Watch the Fox broadcast here]


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