Fresno Marches Against Military Recruiters


A march in Fresno. Coverage on the website:

A march and rally of around 50 was held in downtown Fresno today
(September 10, 2005) to encourage students to "opt-out" of being
contacted by military recruiters. Organizers for the march said that
under The No Child Left Behind Act public schools are obligated to
furnish the contact information of students to the federal government
for use by military recruiters. At the rally in front of the Navy
recruiting center, participants were told that many students and
parents may not know they have the legal option of opting out by
signing a form requesting that the school administration not supply
their personal contact information for military recruitment purposes.
Schools are not financially penalized for informing students and
parents that they have the right to opt out from being contacted by
military recruiters. Pictures and full report here.


2 Responses to “Fresno Marches Against Military Recruiters”

  1. Recruiter Says:

    WOW! With 79,000 students in their district a total of 50 ACTUALLY SHOWED UP! They must have really made a difference!

    Why don’t you report some REAL NEWS!

    By the way, if a recruiter calls all you need to do is tell them you’re not interested and they’ll leave you alone. If you really want them to go away just tell them you’re going to school to be a lawyer and your parents are paying for it. NUFF SAID!


  2. hey recruiter Says:

    From what it looks like, the march was meant to educate the community about their right to opt-out – not a march for students who are opting out. I bet thousands of them will opt-out.

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