The Brooklyn Greens Announce a Protest Against Chuck E. Cheese’s Pro-War Advertising to Kids!


Courtesy of my inbox, from Holley Anderson of the Brooklyn Greens:

We are calling for a fun, street theater style protest with people dressed up as government officials and large mice on Columbus Day,
Monday October 10th at 1:00 PM
on the sidewalks in front of Chuck E. Cheese at the
Atlantic Street Mall in Brooklyn.

Green Party Candidate for Brooklyn Borough President, Gloria Mattera led a protest of parents and children at the Brooklyn mall last Saturday, saying:
"We’re here to demand that Chuck E. Cheese stop showing their war ads.  Military recruiters already scour our high schools looking for teenagers with few job opportunities, and now Chuck E. Cheese is bringing the military’s sugar-coated message to young children."

Mattera was informed by the store manager that the Department of Defense-produced video is distributed by Chuck E. Cheese headquarters in Texas and there is no way for individual stores to remove it. The video shows planes dropping off gift bombs to grateful children.

Dick Huston, Chuck E. Cheese’s VP of Marketing, has said, "We support what our troops are doing over there, helping kids."

A segment about the protest was aired on WBAI at 11 pm on Monday.

(download the mp3)


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