New Recruiting Methods: Free MP3s & CraigsList Postings


ThinkProgress has a comprehensive overview of recent recruiting news:

In the wake the worst recruiting slump in decades, the Army announced earlier this week that they are loosening recruitment standards to accept more high school dropouts:

Army Secretary Noel Harvey and vice chief of staff Gen. Richard Cody said Monday that the Army was using looser Defense Department rules that permitted it to sign up more high school dropouts and people who score lower on mental-qualification tests, but they denied that this meant it was lowering standards….The Army has a recruiting shortfall of 6,000 to 8,000 soldiers over the past 12 months. It hasn’t fallen so short of its annual goal since 1979, several years after the Vietnam war… The problem, Harvey said, is “a combination of three factors: a good economy, the war in Iraq and parents reluctant to see their sons and daughters enlist”; because of the war.

The move comes on the heels of a free iTunes offer by the National Guard, debates about military recruitment in high schools, legislation to raise the age limit for active-duty recruits from 35 to 42, recruiters talking to Katrina evacuees, and the appearance of a Marines advertisement on CraigsList.


One Response to “New Recruiting Methods: Free MP3s & CraigsList Postings”

  1. j. Says:

    this is the response i got from craig newman who runs the whole craigslist world. i think he doesnt get the point.

    “everyone is treated equally.

    did you see my comments on this in the press?

    I pointed out that we need to support the troops… since the
    White House
    doesn’t. Please reflect on what I’m really saying there.


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