To Improve Recruiting, End War, says top Dem.


This from the Air Force Times:

The top Democrat on the Senate Armed Services Committee said getting out of Iraq could be the only way of fixing the continuing problems in military recruiting.

At a breakfast meeting Wednesday with reporters, Sen. Carl Levin of Michigan said the problems — mostly but not entirely in the Army — in meeting recruiting goals cannot be fixed through traditional means of increasing pay, bonuses and benefits.

“I don’t know what more they can do. We have got bonuses that have increased significantly,” Levin said.

The only solution he can see is “the administration coming up with some kind of strategy to end the war, or end our involvement in the war, or to change the dynamic in Iraq so it is not such a negative dynamic.”

“Stay the course isn’t a strategy. It is a bumper sticker,” Levin said during the Defense Writers Group breakfast.

Okay, that’s all well and good, but what are the Democrats going to do about it?  I don’t hear the rest of the party calling out the adminstration, criticizing the war, or really doing much of anything. 


One Response to “To Improve Recruiting, End War, says top Dem.”

  1. SGT. Dave M. Davis Says:

    Yes, end the war, and never go to war ever again. Just let the military be a make work project for people who can no longer go on welfare. Why have a military? Another way to make recruiting goals is to have a goal of zero. And why stop there. Lets take it one step further. A way to improve police relations with protesters is to abolish the police forces of major cities. Also here’s a thought. Are fire departments responsible for fires. We better abolish them just in case.

    I hate to say this, but the Senator is wrong. We pull out of Afghanistan and Iraq, Al-Qaida wins.

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