Wed. March 1st : Antiwar Leader Speaks in NYC


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Campaign to Stop Military Recruitment in NYC Schools and Stand-up to the war in Iraq

Todd Chretien is running for Senate on the Green Party ticket in San Fransisco against Sen. Diane Feinstein. He is the co-author of the successful ballot measure to kick military recruiters out of the schools in San Fransisco and has appeared on “The O’ Reilly Factor” to defend the victory. He is a member of the California Green Party and the International Socialist Organization.

Event Information:

Wed. March 1st 7PM,
Synagogue for the Arts
49 White Street –

(btw. Church & Broadway, 3 Blocks south of Canal A/C/E/1/2/3 to Chambers St.)

Todd will be joined by:
– City Council Member Annabel Palma, co-sponsor of NYC counter-recruitment bill
– Jim Murphy, Veterans for Peace,
– Bill Harmon, Iraqi Veterans Against War
– Karri Kokka, NYC Public Highschool Teacher
– Mitch Jeserich, WBAI’s Wakeup Call
– Campus Antiwar Network Speaker
– NYC Highschool Student

Read more about San Francisco’s Propostion 1:

Read more about Todd’s Senate campaign for “A million votes for Peace”:

See Todd on “The O’Reilly Factor


10 Responses to “Wed. March 1st : Antiwar Leader Speaks in NYC”

  1. Military Recruiter Says:


  2. john Says:

    Some of us Soldiers signed on to work as medics or tech in the hospitals to save amerin soldiers lives. Now Im FORCED to go be a recruiter!!! I have to either do it or get kicked out. If kicked out I can not provide for my wife and two children. Please dont balme us Soldier for the US governments problem. Done blame the Soldiers trying to make a living and feed our families we are forced against our will to do this. If i could get out of this and just do my last 5 years taking care of sick, injured and wounded Men and women and there families belive me i would.

  3. Old Warrior Says:

    [Exact transcript of
    [( Discuss the editorial), Monday 11/6 2006] & the “”old warrior” commentary”: it’s me]
    “Old Today, 01:46 AM

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    Default Re: Discuss the editorial
    Serious question: is anybody in the military in favor of declaring martial law in the US? Because it seems posse comitatus no longer applies. Bush could conceivably do it.

    Should we?
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    kerravon_guest kerravon_guest is online now
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    Default Re: Discuss the editorial
    Originally Posted by rtotrainer
    A draft isn’t just untennable, it’s impossible as a practical matter unless you’re willing to take the military completely offline for at least 2 years.

    What the hell is the point of a draft anyway? The current volunteer army is perfectly adequate to topple the remaining tinpot dictators.

    Rumsfeld didn’t adjust the troop numbers down, Franks did. And as for the invasion, it worked brilliantly.

    Exactly. We have a new gold standard for what can be achieved. Iraq’s government was overthrown with something like 60k troops. Could it have been done with even less? Ideally we want to get it down to a point where we can have a coalition where the US contributes less than 50% of the troops. We need a new paradigm that enables the free world to wean itself off US-dependency. In case the US gets taken over by the anti-freedom. We need to find a way of setting up more Afghanistans, where we make more use of locals, or defections. Start military coups artificially. Provide air support to any enemy base that is willing to defect. I don’t think we’ll ever get as good a result as Afghanistan again, where there were locals already fighting the government, but we can probably do better than Iraq, where basically no use of locals was made until after the invasion was completed. Something inbetween. It requires more invasions and more experiments before we can come up with a new doctrine for situations where much of the “enemy” is actually praying for us to win.
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    Old Today, 01:46 AM

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    Default Re: Discuss the editorial
    Originally Posted by Unregistered
    You can’t be “against the war” and “for the troops”.

    yes, you can

    My support of the troops extends to want them only used on legitimate missions
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    Default Re: Mr. Allen
    Originally Posted by Unregistered
    [QUOTE=Robert Alan_guest]No, I don’t believe that I have missed the point of the article at all. The war has not failed. Not yet anyway. That won’t happen until the democrats regain power in congress, or the White House. THEN it will fail.

    Mr. Allen:

    If you think that the Iraq war is succeeding, you must be intentionally ignoring the facts. Even accepting the questionable premise that there was a good reason to invade Iraq, the administration strategy since Bagdhad was taken has been arrogant, incompetant and destructive of U.S. interests. The current situation is not the inevitable result of the overthrow of Saddam. It is the result of a series of very bad decisions made by the administration.

    1. Dismantling the bureaucratic infrastructure with no plan to replace it, resulted in chaos, and a power vacuum into which the insurgency grew.

    2. Overall failure to realize that the U.S. had to engage in a counterinsurgency plan with the goal of winning hearts and minds. Instead, we generally adopted a brute force tactic, which resulted in alienating many Iraquis who might have joined in the US effort to rebuild the country.

    3. Failure to provide the troop level needed to preserve security during the inital phases of the occupation.

    4. Rampant corruption in the privatization (or “profitization”) of the occupation effort, resulting in inadequate funds for useful military resources.

    And there is more. My point is, the current chaos was avoidable.

    As to your comment about the cowardly “anonymous” generals, I don’t understand. I have seen lots of them on TV. Now, even Paul Wolfowitz and the other neo-con architects of the Iraq invasion are condeming the incompant handling of the war, and pointing the finger of blame at Rumsfeld, et al.

    I do not believe that in your heart of hearts you think that the administration has shown even minimanl competance in the handling this war. Your loyalty to the Republican Party, or to the President, is causing you to say things that an intelligent person could not truly believe. I have not doubt, however, that when the war effort finally collapses, you will blame Democrats and the media, for the result.

    An old warrior [100 meters/10.3 sec. ] still returns
    on a beautifull day to the Karakorum 2 to fight You
    even if he had once an U.S. Army ID and had kown
    Your athletic mountaineering U.S.-Army weakness:
    The “tradition of subordination of the military to civilian”[Army Times 11/6]
    will never work neither seen the legal system how it emerged actually by brute force of marshall law during history nor now around Baghdad in decay nor in the next 20 years around Kabul where the Western Alliance promised to stay for the “future of Afghanistan”.

    It’s all over next spring after the presidential elections in Pakistan.

    “All officers and most enlisted personnel know
    and respect that they cannot publicly criticize
    their chain of command”(“realclearpolitics”):
    That could become coyote obedience. Since “The Blue Pentagon Papers”[Vietnam] our task includes: Remove [other]officers by “friendly fire” including Donald Rumsfeld[former Navy pilot].
    A tainted war in Kabul and Iraq requires extreme measures.
    Is Donald Rumsfeld a battlehard soldier ?
    He dropped bombs out of an aviation arm chair. Is that enough ? Is it too little and less ?

    re:”that the administration has shown even minimal competence in the handling this war”:
    Afghan Pashtun Radio spoke in one recent morning
    edition of the Western Alliance and U.S. warfare
    in Helmand, Herat, Kunduh and around Kabul as a “Knesset”[jewish parliament]”concept of lazyness”.

    Does Mr. Allen act more like a Bush-lobby bidder?
    Mr. Allen pretended that wars are wone at home
    and not at the frontlines.

    The honorable Donald Rumsfeld[=field] with his lovely paradigmatic nick is a constant reminder how easy it was to start a car-war and once unfolded becomes a difficult march field. Athletic sprintracer striker results are more and more
    required in the deep and narrow valleys and the steep high mountains[Kandahar-Hindukush].
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    Default Re: Discuss the editorial
    I absolutely support the removal the SoD.
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    Default Re: Mr. Allen
    Originally Posted by Unregistered

    Since “The Blue Pentagon Papers”[Vietnam] our task includes: Remove [other]officers by “friendly fire” including Donald Rumsfeld[former Navy pilot].
    A tainted war in Kabul and Iraq requires extreme measures.

    Hang on–are you advocating assassinating Rumsfeild?
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    Default Re: Discuss the editorial
    because that is a bit harsh. this editorial only said he should be fired, not fired at”[( Discuss the editorial), Monday 11/6 2006].

  4. Frank Says:

    Ok so this is great. Weaken our Countries ability to defend itself against attackers. Its all fun and games until the enemies we have are here raping and killing our women and children. Serious, make our country stronger not weaker silly people. Thank God there’s people out here that understand the threats and take actions required to keep us safe so you have the freedom to start silly sites like this.

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