Counter-recruitment in Oregon


353852thumb.jpgFolks in Portland shut down an Army recruiting center yesterday:

‘Surge Protection Brigade’ Continues Its Friday Protests

By Kristian Foden-Vencil

PORTLAND, OR 2007-02-09 A group calling itself ‘The Surge Protection Brigade’ picketed outside a military recruitment center in Portland again Friday.

Last week, six women were arrested for blocking access to the center.

Cristy Murray says about 30 people are in their fourth week of Friday protests.

Cristy Murray: “We were hoping to be able to go in and talk to the recruiters again, that’s kind of our hope every week. They’ve so far been unwilling to have a conversation with us. So we just stand in front of the education center and try to educate people walking by, and try to prevent any more kids from going inside and being recruited.”

A sign at the recruitment center says it is closed. The Surge Protection Brigade’s main aim is to protest the president’s plan to surge more troops into Iraq.

In a Portland IMC report back, one activist writes: “There was something really, powerfully inspiring about seeing the steel awning pulled down over the exposed windows at the recruiting office, and the apologetic little sign hastily taped up on the door, informing passersby that the office was closed. It was like looking at a white flag.”

In Salem, a military recruitment display was “damaged” and blocked with antiwar signs:

Recruitment center display damaged; antiwar signs added

Statesman Journal
February 10, 2007

An Armed Forces recruiting station in northeast Salem reported damage to its display sign Friday, Marion County Sheriff’s Office said.

The damage had occurred between Wednesday evening and Friday morning at the station, 3060 Lancaster Drive NE, spokesman Deputy Kevin Rau said. All branches of the American military jointly operate in that office.

Two handmade signs made of red poster board that said “Stop Illegal and Immoral War” had been hung up near the station’s lighted glass sign, Marine Corps spokesman Sgt. Chris Berryman said.

The recruiting sign is flanked by two lighted American flags, where the homemade signs were placed. Damage was found to one of the American flag signs, Berryman said.


There are no suspects. Marion County Sheriff’s Office continues to investigate.

Between Christmas and New Year’s, Berryman said an incident of vandalism was reported to law enforcement when government-owned vehicles parked in front of the recruiting station were found with slashed tires. No suspects were identified, officials said.


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