Brooklyn protests Marines recruitment station


I like the creativity of these activists – particularly the symbolic smashing of a “war machine” pinata in the shape of a tank, full of bloody toy soldiers. From NYC Indymedia:

[On March 19, the fourth anniversary of the invasion of Iraq,] a small but spirited group of 45 (more or less) anarchists and anti war activists marched from the Atlantic Center in Brooklyn to the near by Times Plaza US Armed Forces recruiting center. Protesters marched, chanting anti recruiting slogans and handing out information on recruiters, and the lies they tell to sign up young people. A booklet offering other options for financial support to go to College was also distributed.

Once we reached the Recruiting center a pinata of an army tank with ‘Destroy the War Machine” written on it was smashed revealing ‘blood soaked’ plastic soldiers and the names of many of the soldiers who have died in Iraq. The recruiting station was open and the recruiters came to the windows to see what was happening. We stayed at the center for 45 minutes and then continued on handing out flyers along Fulton Mall and then doubling back to the Atlantic Ave Subway stop when we received word that there were recruiters operating inside of the station. By the time we made it there they had left.

All in all the event was very positive and successful, we had many people honk their horns in support and many good conversations with interested passerby who stopped to find out what was going on.

And unlike last years event the police presence was not out of control and was in fact pretty tame.


2 Responses to “Brooklyn protests Marines recruitment station”

  1. Anonymous Coward Says:

    You guys are assholes and I will be counter-protesting you at your next “event.”

  2. Phil Bickel Columbus, Ohio Says:

    You have my permission to publish my e-mail address! I want to hear from ignorant cowards so I can educate them on what the US military has done for the free world in the last 150 years.

    President Bill Jefferson Clinton aka BJ Clinton of the Cllinton crime family, Hugh Rodham, Roger Clinton and there known associates Hillary Rodham, Henry Cisneros, Sandy Berger, Karen and Jim McDougal, Web Hubbble, and dozens of other known criminals failed to use our military in Rawanda in 1994 and hundreds of thousands of Christian Africans were slaughtered, as they prayed in their churches and catherals. But Oh yes, they were Blacks, who cares about Black people and Arabs?

    My sons who are Marines are in Iraq defeating foriegn AlQueda terrorists who are masquerading as Sunni civil war insurgents. The Iraqi people will be better off and in fact are already better off becuase of their actions.

    In the 1940’s There were those who said we should have no part in their war and they complained about the cost of reconstruction, but aren’t we better off today with a free Europe? Won’t we be better off with a free Mid East in 50 to 100 years. Yes, I believe it was another Kennedy, who wanted nothing to do with fighting Hitler, because he didn’t give a Damn about a bunch of Jews.

    I have Nephew who died in Ramadi, he was an Army medic. I have much invested in victory, what do you have invested in defeat? Your hatred for our President for one! I think it disengenous fo the left to undermine the mission of our Marines, Airmen, sailors, and Soldiers and then claim they support the troops.

    If you are that much of a pacifist that you genuinely believe that their should be no war at any cost, I say look back at Rawanda, or look to Darfur, and the Embarrassing humiliation in Somalia.

    If you read the statements of Osama Bin Laden, it was the retreat in Somalia, a humantitarian mission to feed starving “Black people that propelled the attacks on the USS Cole, Kobar Towers, and Dual Embassy bombings in Africa, and even 9-11.

    It is my argument that pacificism and isolationism invites even bigger conflagrations. The world is not and never will be a peaceful place!

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