Three Grannies and a Gramps arrested at recruiting office


From Portland Indymedia:

23896.jpgFour members of the surge Protection Brigade were arrested while closing down the NE POrtland Army recruiting Center on Friday, March 23rd. It is the eighth time the group has closed the office. A total of ten people – and seven rocking chairs – have been arrested. Today the rocking chisrs were just cited and released.

This action is in opposition to continued funding for a war of occupation that is destroying the people and country of Iraq, tearing apart families of dead and injured U.S. soldiers and draining scarce financial resources from domestic programs. Sara Graham, one of the grandmothers arrested at the recruiting center on February 2nd, was back again on Friday. She says, “Congress is betraying us, our children and our grandchildren. We’re here because we want no more funds for the war, no more troops for the war, no more war.”

The group is taking direct action at this recruiting office because we are frustrated that our elected officials have not heard the people’s voice that we want this war to end now. “We are appealing directly to young people – potential new recruits – please do not offer your life for this cause,” says Bonnie Tinker, a spokesperson for the group.

More info and pictures here.


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