POG counter-recruitment actions continue


The Pittsburgh Organizing Group is one of the most active counter-recruitment groups in the country. Yesterday they were protesting a new Marine recruiting center while facing physical abuse by a violent cop, according to their website:

On April 3, Pittsburgh Organizing Group (POG) held its first picket at the new Marine Officer recruiting station in Shadyside as part of a two-year-long campaign to expose and confront those facilitating the continuation of the war.

As usual, protesters lined the edge of the street holding signs such as “honk for peace” and handed out flyers about the realities of enlistment and the misrepresentations used by recruiters. Two plainclothes police were in a garage across the street watching the protest with binoculars and taking pictures, two bicycle cops were riding around the area watching the protest, and four more police were standing about 10 feet away from the protest observing.


During these completely unprovoked acts of violence, other protesters merely observed what was happening and verbally objected to what was occurring. Vollberg next attacked the other witness to his initial comment, a young man who had been verbally protesting the police violence. The officer twisted the young man’s arm, banged his head off of a brick wall and arrested him. Another protester tried to document the incident on his camera phone. Vollberg smacked the phone out of the protester’s hand, grabbed the protester by the throat, and slammed him into the car. Other officers also used force shoving people for no apparent reason. During the confrontation, traffic stopped and residents witnessed the police reaction. Appalled passersby vocalized their discontent with the officers’ unprofessional handling of the demonstration.

Later that night, apparently, the recruiting station was “vandalized.” From Yahoo News:

A military recruit center in Shadyside was the target of vandalism overnight.

U.S. Marines spent part of Wednesday putting up flags, hanging posters and nailing plywood after vandals smashed windows and spilled paint all over the center.


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